About the Course

Tech Certifications is a self-paced course that trains students for several industry certifications.  Students start with Key Applications, which covers the entire MS Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access). After Key Applications, students follow self-paced lessons to prepare for more advanced certifications. It's the ideal setting because faster students may work ahead, and all student have a live teacher to answer their questions. Students passing four exams will earn an automatic 100% as their final exam grade.  

Tech Certifications also includes an extensive career unit where students research careers and colleges, prepare a professional resume, and participate in Mock Interview Day.

As the course progresses, students build an online portfolio using GoogleSites to organize examples of their work. 

What Certifications are offered in Tech Certifications?

What is Certiport?

Certiport is official certification company that partners with Microsoft. Certiport's internationally recognized certification exams are taken during class. See who certified at BHS so far:  Fall 2014 - PresentFall 2010 - Spring 2014.

May Anyone take Certification exams?

Yes, anyone may purchase a voucher at Certiport.com and make an appointment with me to take a certification exam since BHS is an official Certiport Testing Center.  Any BHS student may take an exam for free since we have a site license.

Are the exams easy?

Well, so far the almost all BHS students who have passed certification exams have taken the Tech Certifications course (31406). 
        Cert: Google Basics Microsoft Office Specialist Certification  IC3 Certification

MS World Championship

What is the Cost to take a Certiport certification exam?

Normally they are about $100 for each attempt.  However, at BHS we have a site license.  This means that certification exams are FREE to BHS student and staff. 

What do BHS Grads say about Tech Certifications? 

Tech Certifications has been so helpful in my Chemistry classes.  Everything is in Excel. I'm in the Pre Med program. 
BHS Grad, Pre Med Major, Loyola University

I wanted to thank you for all that you have taught me in both BPA and Tech Certifications. The skills I learned have been very useful here at Indiana University. Many of my professors are shocked at the knowledge I have in regards to Microsoft Office and business computer applications in general.
BHS Grad, Business Major, Indiana University

I am taking a business related computer science course at Farmer School of Business that is entirely based on using Excel and Access. Tech Certifications is the only reason why I'm a step ahead of my peers. I wish I took more certification exams though...
BHS Grad, Business and Computer Science Major, Miami University, Ohio

What do Employers say about MS Office skills?

MS PowerPoint and MS Excel are the tools I use most daily. Those who have the advanced analytic skills to conduct complex analyses in Excel and those who have the advanced communication skill to present compelling information stand out
Manager, Baxter International

MS Office is still very much in demand. Employers assume that new employees are able to navigate Word and Excel. The skills you are teaching are critical to any job as at some point they will be needed in the job.
Director, Job Placement Resource Center, Harper College

Colleges Require MS Office for all Students Majoring in Business

Here are just a few...

MS Office Online is Now FREE!

Microsoft announced Thursday, November 13, 2014 that MS Office Online will be free to all users.  Download the App to your tablet or phone, or go to here to download to your laptop or desktop. 

Tech Certifications

More Reasons to Certify

Microsoft Office is the #1 software used in businesses, and Certiport is official certification company that partners with Microsoft. If you're planning to have a career in business, you need to know MS Office. Just saying you're "proficient" isn't enough. Certifications and your portfolio show evidence of your proficiency. Check out these Success Stories. Also, you could earn $16,000 more per year! According to a recent study by Burning Glass Technologies, MS Office and Excel and employers' top requested software skills.

Job Offer Because of MOS Certifications