After 6:00 PM on Thursday, March 26, 2015, follow these directions to access Barrington 220 Gmail:

1. Visit google.com
If you are signed in as yourname@bsd220.org, Sign Out.

2. Click Sign in(Your Barrington 220 Google password will not change.)

3. Click Sign in with a different account.

4. Click Add account.

5. Sign in as yourname@barrington220.org and use your Barrington 220 Google password.
Click Sign in.

6. Click the Apps menu and select Gmail.

7. Begin using Gmail.


After the email system switch, you will log in to Google using your barrington220.org address (you will NO LONGER USE your bsd220.org address). You will retain access to all of your bsd220.org items (all sharing permissions will remain the same). The two accounts (barrington220.org and bsd220.org) will be combined, but staff may only sign in using the barrington220.org address.


Your Google Sites are still available at https://sites.google.com/a/bsd220.org (while signed in to Barrington 220 Google). For now, please bookmark this link to access your existing Google Sites. We are looking for a way to allow you to access Google Sites without clicking this link.

Barrington 220 has been using Google Apps for Education for the past two years and will be migrating from GroupWise to Gmail during Spring Break 2015. The Technology Department will use this site to help our users make a smooth transition. Use the links on the left to navigate this site.

We will keep GroupWise available until June 30, 2015. You will be able to access GroupWise until June 30, 2015; however, new email will only be sent to and from Gmail after Thursday, March 26, 2015, at 6:00 PM.

Please bookmark or follow this site for the most current information regarding our transition.

Access Gmail now (with no messages) by logging into Google with your bsd220.org account and 

Millions of students, teachers, and other school staff use Gmail along with Google Apps for Education.
Timeline for the Barrington 220 GroupWise-to-Gmail transition.