Literacy in Berwyn South School District 100

In Berwyn South 100, we believe in Balanced Literacy.  Our lessons are built off the standards, driven by assessments, and individualized for student needs.  The components in the puzzle below are all options to utilize to increase success in our goal for students to achieve independence on standards level work in our classrooms.  

For more information on each piece, view this presentation or ask a literacy coach.

Site Updated 7/12/2016

Below you will find Curriculum materials for each grade, based on the Common Core Standards.  We utilize Lucy Calkins Units of Study as our primary resource, but we use the standards as our guide.  The Units of Study can be moved around in different orders, and alternate texts and topics may be taught as long as they are standards aligned.

Here you will find a growing bank of Single Point Ladders for CCSS K-8 standards.

To see Curriculum Resources, please click on the grade level specific buttons below.


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Questions or Concerns?

Susan Butler
Director of Professional Development and Learning

Beatriz Lopez
Director of Language Acquisition Services

Leah O'Donnell
Literacy Coordinator, D100
Lit Coach at Hiawatha

Meg Hanisch
Lit Coach at Pershing

Courtney O'Connor
Lit Coach at Irving

Shari Haug
Lit Coach at Piper

Michelle Brezek
Lit Coach at Heritage

Amy Gorzkowski
Lit Coach at Freedom

LeeAnne Layden
Language Acquisition Coach at Komensky

Jen Kruger
Lit Coach at Emerson

District iCoaches:
Jordan Garrett
Ramona Towner
Jenny Lehotsky
Annie Forest