8 Mowry

Social Studies - Mr.Godfrin  (email: godfrinp@bsd-ri.net)

Math - Mrs. Gagnon (email: gagnonc@bsd-ri.net
Homework- September 10, 2018

Block 1(Algebra)- Worksheet 9-4 #1-12

Blocks 2, 5 and 6- Finish MATH worksheet on angles front and back

Science - Mr. Meehen  (email: meehenm@bsd-ri.net)
All classes --->
  • Science Journals due every Wednesday!

Science Explorations-> 
  • Current science news due every Thursday or Friday (depending on when the class meets)
English - Mrs. May  (emailmaya@bsd-ri.net) 

EVERY NIGHT: Students should be reading in a novel of their choice. Once students have read for a half an hour they are to write a Reader's Notebook Entry using one of the options. (This document can be found on their google classroom.) They are to complete two entries every week. Entries will be checked on Fridays. 
They need to make sure they read 500 pages a quarter. 

Besides reading and writing an entry, some students will have to finish work that was not finished in class that day. They will also be required to study, write essays, and work on projects at home. 

Email/Docs/Calendar through your SCHOOL MAIL ACCESS PAGE:  http://bhs-students.bsd-ri.net/

Join Mrs. May's Google Classroom
Google Classroom Instructions
  1. Log into Google Mail using your STUDENT ID

  2. Search for Google Classroom in the search engine

  3. Click Student on bottom right side

  4. There will be a + symbol on the top right of the page.

             Click on this to add class.

  1. Type in classroom code ___________________

  2. Click Join Class