As always, don't forget to donate your unwanted clothing and textile items to Goodwill by placing items in the bin located in the BMS parking lot.  Doing this provides funding for programs sponsored by our school.


Mrs. Campbell- Social Studies--Week of December 5th- 9th

Thursday- HW- Blocks 1,6,7- students started open binder Pop Quiz on the Spread of Medieval Islam.  They might need to finish at home.  There is a RAISE paragraph involved and if I discover a student has plagiarized the RAISE paragraph, they will receive a 0 on this assignment.  

Please visit my page titled the Spread of Islam

Extra Credit is on my page- scroll to the bottom and download November It is also in the Google Classroom "Extra Credit"

Content Enrichment-  Please bring a SSR daily.  Also, if you prefer to type, please use the digital version of my Book Report form found at the bottom of my webpage.  

On Skyward, no grade will be converted to a "0" on the due date for each book report- please see below for the schedule

Book Report 3- 11.21

Book Report 4- 12.12

Book Report 5- 1.9


Mrs. Coulombe: English - Welcome!  

Weeks of December 12th - 16th

Blocks 1, 2, 6 & 7:

Reading and researching biography topic. All research must be completed by January 9th for a homework grade.  Please be sure to create a bibliography as you use resources.

**Binder check - January 6th ( Friday) ** Some notes have not yet been distributed to students.

* Poetic Elements Notes


* Historical Fiction Notes

* '1930s Dust Bowl'

* MLA Resource Guide

** 2nd Quarter Exam - - January 13th - please use flashcards to help you review for your exam!!! Unfortunately, no bonus points will be provided, as they have been used for previous assessments. If you don't have any, make some to help you prepare!

Blocks 1, 6 & 7: 

Historical Fiction Quiz! Please study historical fiction notes and material from the '1930s Dust Bowl' reading - Visual Notes as well. Quiz is on Friday, December 9th

Block 2: 

Blocks 1, 2, 6 & 7 :

Important Due Dates: Biography Project & Presentation

1. Distributed Project to students on Wednesday, November 9th

2. Topic lottery to be held in class on Friday, November 18th

3. Students acquire and read book and other resources ( internet, documentaries, etc.) by         Monday, November 28th

4. Book/Research finished (100 pages minimum) due by Monday, January 9th - please bring     your packet to class. Please remember to create a bibliography BEFORE you return your         library materials. This will count as a project grade itself!

5. Presentations will begin on Tuesday, January 17th. Please take note of your presentation       date!!! Rules will be strictly enforced to be fair so please be sure to be prepared! We can't     wait to learn from YOU!!!!


Mrs. Coulombe - Literacy:   Welcome!
Week of December 12th - 16th
SSR Rubric - new 12/5

Book Report #1:  due Friday, December 2nd
Book Report #2:  Biography Book Report due Tuesday, January 10th

Materials due in class every day! Be sure you are prepared for a READINESS check daily!


Mrs. Stevens- Science
Extra Credit form for science (Article Summary Form) is attached below.  Extra Credit points will be added to assessment scores.  Students may do as many article summaries as they want (no limit)

Absent students should check the Google Classroom to see if there are any assignments they have not completed.


Mrs. Hundley- Math/ Literacy 
Please click on the Hundley link (left hand column) for homework in both Math & Literacy
All necessary forms & notes are also attached there and are available for printing.  


Mr. Tupper- Student Support, Math, Science, English, Social Studies

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