CONNECTICUT SCIENCE CENTER field trip permission slips are due by Friday, September 30th.

PARENTS:  An assignment has been sent home for parents/guardians to complete.  It's a 'Million Word Essay' about your student that will be shared with your child's teachers in order for us to become familiar and help guide your student through 7th grade.  Please ask your child for the handout that describes this assignment.  Completed essays may be handed in or emailed (stevenss@bsd-ri.net) to Mrs. Stevens.

As always, don't forget to donate your unwanted clothing and textile items to Goodwill by placing items in the bin located in the BMS parking lot.  Doing this provides funding for programs sponsored by our school.


Mrs. Campbell- Social Studies-- Branches of Social Studies Test will be on Tuesday, October 4
Please go to my Branches page to view paperwork for unit.  Students will make a study guide on Friday or Monday, but one can be downloaded on the Branches Page
Extra Credit is on my page- scroll to the bottom and download September.  It is also on my google classroom titled "Enrichment" the class code is on my board in school or email me for an invite.  

Content Enrichment-  Please bring a SSR daily.  Also, if you prefer to type, please use the digital version of my Book Report form found at the bottom of my webpage.  

On Skyward, no grade will be converted to a "0" on the due date for each book report- please see below for the schedule

Book Report 1- 9.27

Book Report 2- 10.25


Mrs. Coulombe: English - Welcome!  Week of September 30th - October 7th

Blocks 1, 2, 6 & 7: 

 Please be reading for your book project - fiction title is due on Friday, 9/30.

** We will be visiting the MC for book talks with Mrs. Curtis on Monday!**

Blocks 1 & 7:  

Blocks 6:

Block 2: 

Blocks 1, 2, 6 & 7 - - - BOOK JACKET PROJECT :)  Happy Reading! - - Project materials are on my link of the homework website if you need them!  This is an at home project so please plan according. 

Important Due Dates

Fiction book title due in class Friday, 9/30 - Please be sure it is a book that you have not read before.  If you are less than half way through your book, it is okay to continue you reading and create your project based on that story.  Otherwise, please finish and find a new read. :)

Summary Draft due in class on  Friday, 10/28 - At this point you should have completely read your book.  Please follow the guidelines to help you. 

About the Author Draft due in class on Friday,11/4 - Please follow the guidelines and remember what we talked about :)

Final book jacket project due in class on Wednesday, November 9th. Please turn it in on time to earn the credit you deserve!

Mrs. Coulombe - Literacy:   Welcome!

Week of September 30th - October 7th

** Please bring your books to class as always - I would like to check in with each of you for your ELA project. :)

Please use The Araboolies of Liberty Street  as a model for your independent book reports!

Book Report #1:  due Friday, September 30th
Book Report #2:  due Tuesday, November 1st

Materials due in class every day! Be sure you are prepared for a READINESS check daily!


Mrs. Stevens- Science

9/27/16 - Students that did not complete their SAND ANALYSIS papers in class today need to finish them for homework.

Mrs. Hundley- Math/ Literacy 
Please click on the Hundley link (left hand column) for homework in both Math & Literacy
All necessary forms & notes are also attached there and are available for printing.  


Mr. Tupper- Student Support, Math, Science, English, Social Studies

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