Donate your unwanted clothing and textile items to Goodwill by placing items in the bin located in the BMS parking lot.  Doing this provides funding for programs sponsored by our school.


Mrs. Campbell- Social Studies-- 
Week of 5.23- 5.27
Tanka Fans are due on Thursday.  Student have been working on them since last Friday, most of them are completed, but if they are not, please finish for HW

Content Enrichment-  Please bring a SSR daily-  On Skyward, no grade will be converted to a "0" on the due date for each book report- please see below for the schedule

Book Report 10-  4.15

Book Report 11- 4.26

Book Report 12 - 5.12

Book Report 13 - 5.26

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mrs. Coulombe: English

Summer Reading assignments posted @ http://bms.bsd-ri.net/summer-reading

Happy Reading!!

Mrs. Coulombe - Literacy:  


Mrs. Stevens- Science
3/22/16  Students absent last Friday need to complete "Building Pangea' Gizmo at home - due by Thursday, 3/24.
               Any student not making adequate progress on today's Gizmo - 'Plate Tectonics' should work on at home.
              This Gizmo is due at the end of class on Thursday.
3/8/16  Students should study their notes from this week for a 10 question quiz on Thursday.


Mrs. Hundley- Math/ Literacy 
Please click on the Hundley link (left hand column) for homework in both Math & Literacy
All necessary forms & notes are also attached there and are available for printing.  


Mr. Tupper- Student Support, Math, Science, English, Social Studies

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