Donate your unwanted clothing and textile items to Goodwill by placing items in the bin located in the BMS parking lot.  Doing this provides funding for programs sponsored by our school.


Mrs. Campbell- Social Studies-- 
Week of 5.23- 5.27
Tanka Fans are due on Thursday.  Student have been working on them since last Friday, most of them are completed, but if they are not, please finish for HW

Content Enrichment-  Please bring a SSR daily-  On Skyward, no grade will be converted to a "0" on the due date for each book report- please see below for the schedule

Book Report 10-  4.15

Book Report 11- 4.26

Book Report 12 - 5.12

Book Report 13 - 5.26

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mrs. Coulombe - English Weeks of May 12 - MAY 24

"Flowers for Algernon" Spelling/Vocabulary Quizzes:
Quiz 1 - Wednesday, May 18th
Quiz 2 - Monday, May 23rd
** Flashcards for bonus points! You know what to do. :)

All essays due Friday, May 13th @ the beginning of class
All blocks have been given assignments for the next two weeks during PARCC math and ELA testing.  All directions and materials will have been distributed by Monday, the 2nd of May. 

Block 1:  "Should Parents Help with Homework?" and "Should Schools Scale Back Sports?"
Block 2:  "Should We Ban Competitive Eating?"
Block 6:  "Should Schools Scale Back Sports?" and "Should Parents Help With Homework?"
Block 7:  "Should We Ban Competitive Eating?" and "Should Your City Host the Olympics?"

T-charts, Graphic Organizers, Draft(s), Revision & Edits, and Final Essays are all due at the start of class on Friday, May 13th for an Author's Chair Activity.  

Students should be reading and completing their historical fiction research and novels - packets and bibliography due on Tuesday, May 24th for TWO project grades.

Here is a schedule for your Historical Fiction Book Project:

Project task assigned - Monday, April 4th

Visit the Media Center - book talk and selections Tuesday, April 5th

Project Contract due - Wednesday, April 6th

Book Title due Friday, April 8th

Research for topic due in packet - Tuesday, April 26th  ** Be sure to write a bibliography based on information and resources!!! Use your packet!

Book completed by - Thursday, May 19th

Historical Fiction Packet ( all research and plot connections - due Tuesday, May 24th - - Project Grade #!
Bibliography - due Tuesday, May 24th - - Project Grade #2


Please visit and print out any notes you are missing for the 3rd quarter notebook check. Also, please take the time to organize your notebook if you need to.

* Literary Terms
*RAISE notes & Model paragraph
*The Golden Quote notes & model paragraph
*Ellipses notes
*Coulombe's Cliff
*Historical Fiction Notes
*Extended Response Notes
*7 Strategies for Introductions ( Grabber/Hook)
Mrs. Coulombe - LiteracyWelcome!   5/13 - 5/23

We are currently reading Touching Spirit Bear.

Independent Reading book (should be the same book for your book project in English :) ) in class on Tuesday. 

We start each class with about 20 minutes of independent reading to help students develop a solid reading habit. 


Mrs. Stevens- Science
3/22/16  Students absent last Friday need to complete "Building Pangea' Gizmo at home - due by Thursday, 3/24.
               Any student not making adequate progress on today's Gizmo - 'Plate Tectonics' should work on at home.
              This Gizmo is due at the end of class on Thursday.
3/8/16  Students should study their notes from this week for a 10 question quiz on Thursday.


Mrs. Hundley- Math/ Literacy  ****LITERACY forms are attached under the Hundley tab.  
 ****Students are always welcome to come to my class during advisory for extra help****


Homework is generally given everyday (except Fridays).  If a student completes the homework on time, it is a 100.  Homework is not graded based on  how many right or wrong.  This is where I want the mistakes to happen, if he/she tries, credit will be given.   

 ANY graded paper can be made up AS MANY TIMES as a student would like to improve their grade.  They have until a chapter test to do this.  There is NO REASON any student should not receive a 100 on any and all papers. 

Any paper not handed in ON TIME will result in a 0.  This 0 cannot be made up. Also, any problems that were left blank cannot be corrected

Monday -  May 23 - 

Block 1: Wksht pg 410/411 &  Corrections for pgs  Frac/Dec/% and pg 109/110 are DUE WEDNESDAY  

Block 2: 

Block 5: Wksht pg 410/411 &  Corrections for pgs  Frac/Dec/% and pg 109/110 are DUE WEDNESDAY

Block 7: Wksht pg 410/411 &  Corrections for pgs  Frac/Dec/% and pg 109/110 are DUE WEDNESDAY 

Literacy:Vocab quiz FRIDAY!  Book Report #2 due June 3

Tuesday - May 24

Block 1: Corrections for pgs  Frac/Dec/% and pg 109/110 are DUE WEDNESDAY

Block 2: 

Block 5: Corrections for pgs  Frac/Dec/% and pg 109/110 are DUE WEDNESDAY

Block 7: Corrections for pgs  Frac/Dec/% and pg 109/110 are DUE WEDNESDAY

Literacy: Vocab quiz on Friday - Book Report #2 - June 3


Wednesday - May 25

Block 1:  

Block 2: 

Block 5: 

Block 7: 

Literacy: Vocab quiz on Friday - Book Report #2 - June 3

Thursday - May 26

Block 1:  - 

Block 2: -  

Block 5: - 

Block 7: - 

Literacy:  Vocab quiz on Friday - Book Report #2 - June 3

Mr. Tupper- Student Support, Math, Science, English, Social Studies

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