Field Trip to Park Theater to view A Christmas Carol on Thursday, December 17th.  Please bring permission slips to Mrs. Campbell by Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Mrs. Campbell- Social Studies-- HW:  Please bring permission slips for Christmas Carol performance ASAP-  I need to give the theater a final count on the 24th- so I WILL NOT be taking any late permission slips.  

Week of 11.16- 11.20 

Students will be typing 5-paragraph government essay this week.  Please view/download the essay prompt on my government page.  

Wednesday, 11.18- All  Students have received corrected Government Warm Up Quizzes from Wednesday, November 4th.  They have already been entered in Skyward.   Students have the opportunity to fix/finish for a perfect score.  I purposely waited to return these so students would be done with their group webs.  The Warm Up quiz is available for download on the Comparative Governments page.  Must be submitted no later than 11.24

Content Enrichment-  

Please bring a SSR daily

Please bring a Silent Reading Book Everyday.  Remember to complete a book report form, once you have finished your reading book! 


 Mrs. Coulombe - English Language Arts: 11/23 & 11/24

Finish Thanksgiving: Fact or Fiction article for Monday, 12/1 (graded)

ALL English CLASSES: See Book Project Timeline below - - completed summary draft due 12/4 for homework and project grade!

**Book project paper recommended size - poster board (project will need to be folded and I will show you in class - please bring in if you need help!!!)

Book Project Deadlines: Fiction Book Jacket Project
1. Introduced to students - Tuesday, October 27th
2. Fiction book title: Friday, November 6th3. Summary Draft: Due Friday, December 4th
4. About the Author: Due Friday, December 11th
5. Final & Completed Project: Due Tuesday, December 15th

Mrs. Coulombe - LiteracyWelcome!   

Literary Analysis Chart #3 - due Monday, December 7th

Book Critique #1 due Tuesday, December 1st

Independent Reading book (should be the same book for your book project in English :) ) in class on Tuesday. 

We start each class with about 20 minutes of independent reading to help students develop a solid reading habit. 


Mrs. Stevens- Science
11/5/15   Students have been learning about foodborne illnesses and food safety.  Ask your child about what they learned in science!  What happened at the Barclay house?
11/3/15    Students need to finish their RAISE paragraph for the Gizmo:  Disease Spread.   Many students finished in class today
10/27/15    Field Guide ID labs have been scored and students have been notified of their grade.  Makeups can be done during advisory and/or after completing class assignments this week.  Final scores will go into the Gradebook on Monday.

10/13/15  Worksheet:  The Six Kingdoms.   Many students completed it in class if they were caught up on all other assignments.

10/9/15   Students need to complete their lab graph, analysis and RAISE paragraph answering the question:  What is the effect of different insulators on temperature?   Some students turned in their work before leaving class on Friday.
10/7/15    Students are currently working on an insulation lab in class.  They are collecting data Wednesday & Thursday
and will graph and analyze data on Friday. 

Mrs. Hundley- Math/ Literacy  ****LITERACY forms are attached under the Hundley tab.  
 ****Students are always welcome to come to my class during advisory for extra help****


Homework is generally given everyday (except Fridays).  If a student completes the homework on time, it is a 100.  Homework is not graded based on  how many right or wrong.  This is where I want the mistakes to happen, if he/she tries, credit will be given.   

 ANY graded paper can be made up AS MANY TIMES as a student would like to improve their grade.  They have until a chapter test to do this.  There is NO REASON any student should not receive a 100 on any and all papers. 

Monday -  Nov 16

Block 1:  Corrections Due & Unit Two TEST TOMORROW!

Block 2:  Unit 3 Test on Wednesday - Corrections due Friday

Block 5:  Corrections Due & Unit Two TEST TOMORROW!

Block 7:  Corrections DUE & Unit Two TEST TOMORROW!

Literacy:Vocab quiz FRIDAY!  Book Report #1 - December 14

Tuesday - Nov 17

Block 1: Test today

Block 2:  Test tomorrow

Block 5:  Test today

Block 7:  Test today

Literacy: Vocab quiz on Friday - Book Report due December 14


Wednesday - Nov 18

Block 1:  Finished test

Block 2: Started test - finishing tomorrow - corrections due Friday

Block 5: Finished test

Block 7: Finished test

Literacy:  Vocab quiz on Friday - Book Report due December 14

Thursday - Nov 19

Block 1:  - 

Block 2: -  

Block 5: -  

Block 7: -  

Book Report due December 14

Mr. Tupper- Student Support, Math, Science, English, Social Studies

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