Checking Grades- Parents and Students are able to check MMS grade books.  Go to the BMS website http://bms.bsd-ri.net/ and scroll down to "Quick Links" and select "MMS Parent Portal"  MMS is updated differently by each teacher who uses it.  If a grade is blank (or "NG"), it means the teacher entered the assignment into the computer, but hasn't corrected and/or entered the individual grade.  This does not mean the assignment wasn't completed by the student.  

Mrs. Campbell- Social Studies--Please be prepared for class everyday.  Read the menu board outside the room

Week of 3.2-3.6- Medieval China

Monday- students will finish China vocab boxes

Tuesday- Tang vs. Song Dynasty HW- China x word

Wednesday - Block 7- HW- interact with Tang/Song notes- your choice. see my page for interaction choices

Thursday- The Greatest Wall of All- HW- finish Great Wall Questions (some students may have finished in class

Friday- Block 7- finish "Paper making" paragraph.  Blocks 1 and 2- finish Cornell notes on Confucianism if you did not already do so in class

Friday - Paper revolution

*BTW- March FFS is up

Mrs. Campbell- Content Enrichment

February 25- I just entered "Missing" for all students who do not yet have one book report for 3rd quarter but this will change as students finish books.  I entered in the "Missing" as a place holder so I could easily generate a list of students who have not yet turned them in.  Your grade will change as soon as you finish a book 

Please bring a Silent Reading Book Everyday.  Remember to complete a book report form, once you have finished your reading book! 


 Mrs. Coulombe - English Language Arts:  Welcome!     Week of 2/26 - 3/6

Blocks 1, 6 & 7: Please begin reviewing poetry terms!! We will be finished with Out of the Dust in the next few days and you will need to use this material for your novel test.  

Blocks 1, 6, & 7:  Homework log due Thursday, March 6th.  All four boxes with adult signature please!

Block 2: 

Please Note!!! If you click on the COULOMBE link at the top left hand side of this page, you will find copies of notes, project assignments, etc.  Students may not have all  materials at the time of checking the site.  Please talk to your child and check the homework info. below, to help ensure they are on track.  Thank You! :)
Mrs. Coulombe - Literacy:  Welcome!   Week of 2/26 -3/6

2 Journal Responses due Monday, March 2nd
2 Journal Responses due Monday, March 9th
March 4&5 - generating constructed response in class.
Book Critique #2 due Monday, March 23rd.  It will not be accepted after this date.  Remember - a critique is NOT a summary - but it is a recommendation :) 

**2 Book Critiques due at the end of the quarter - 2 books must be complete by the end of the quarter.  Please complete a book critique after you finish every book! ** Reading at home will help you to complete this requirement for your grade. 
***Please note the added category of Journal Response 20% to syllabus!*** 


Mrs. Stevens- Science

3/6/15   There will be a unit test on Chapter 5  'Changes Over Time'  on Wednesday, March 11th (or 
              Thursday, 3/12)
              One study guide was provided in class today.  Another will be provided on Monday.
3/3/15   Fossil Record Worksheet is homework tonight.
              Geo-Timelines will be due by Thursday.  Students not finished in class will need to complete at

Mrs. Hundley- Math/ Literacy  ****LITERACY LISTED AT BOTTOM
 ****Students are always welcome to come to my class during advisory for extra help****
        ***Unit 1, Unit 2 Unit 3, Unit 4 - are now attached at the bottom of page***


Homework is generally given everyday (except Fridays).  If a student completes the homework on time, it is a 100.  Homework is not graded based on  how many right or wrong.  This is where I want the mistakes to happen, if he/she tries, credit will be given.   

 ANY graded paper can be made up AS MANY TIMES as a student would like to improve their grade.  They have until a chapter test to do this.  There is NO REASON any student should not receive a 100 on any and all papers. 

*** New Change for 3rd Qtr -- Please note that if a student does not hand in a paper on time, he/she will receive a 0.  This paper cannot be made up and will remain a 0.***


Mar 2 - Monday -  

Block 1:  No homework - finished test  

Block 2:  Worksheets finish - add/sub word prob2 & pg 443/444

Block 5: No class - 1 hr delay

Block 6: No homework

Block 7:  Wksht 191

Mar 3 - Tuesday

Block 1:  no hmwk

Block 2:  Worksheet "Multiplication expressions"

Block 5:  no hmwk 

Block 6:  pg 191

Block 7:  add/sub eq #1


Mar 4 - Wednesday - 

Block 1:  Worksheet pg 59

Block 2:  Worksheet 197

Block 5:  No homework - new unit begins tomorrow

Block 6:  Pg 190/192

Block 7:  Pg 190/192

Mar 5 - Thursday 

Block 1:   Wksht pg 191 & finish equations with decimals 

Block 2:  Division equations and finish multiplication equation's (for a grade)

Block 5:  

Block 6:  Same as block 7

Block 7:  Finish Add/Sub Equations #1 and Add/Sub Word Probl #1

Mr. Tupper- Student Support, Math, Science, English, Social Studies

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