As always, don't forget to donate your unwanted clothing and textile items to Goodwill by placing items in the bin located in the BMS parking lot.  Doing this provides funding for programs sponsored by our school.

B.E.L.L.A. is now at BMS!
(Bronco Extended Learning Laboratory Academy)
Students can stay after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for homework and class help.
There will be three teachers available in the Media Center from 2:07 - 2:55 on these days.


Mrs. Campbell- Social Studies
Week of 5.14- 5.18
China Test Part 2- will be Friday (Block 6 will be on Monday)  Here is the study guide you copied in class.  The RAISE paragraph will be about your Chinese Zodiac.  

Part V:  RAISE Paragraph:  Chinese Zodiac: Do you believe that your Chinese zodiac is accurate?

  • According to the Chinese zodiac, what is your sign?

  • What are some of the character traits included in your sign?

  • Do most of these traits describe your personality?

  • Give an example of how you are like the description.  If your sign does not represent your personality, give an example to show how.  

China Test 2- Study Guide

Mrs. Campbell- CCE
Week of April 30th- May 4th
RI Quizzes will be all week.  Each night, study a different map and be prepared for a quiz the next day
Monday- HW 1
Tuesday- Quiz 1, HW 2
Wednesday- Quiz 2, HW 3
Thursday, Quiz 3, HW 4
Friday, Quiz 4


Mrs. Coulombe - English: Week of 21st - 25th

"Flowers for Algernon":  Conflict test is coming soon! Please review and study your notes from the beginning of the year ( in your literary terms packet!)

Biography Research Packet and Bibliography due by Thursday, May 24th! This will count as 2 project grades - please be sure to bring all of your materials to class daily!  This is however, an AT HOME project, however it is important to have your materials in the event we can squeak in some project time. 

Presentations will begin the week of June 11th! A schedule will be provided so that all students know when materials need to be in class. Student feedback will be provided and students will earn a classwork grade for this portion of the task - as it will be the last week of classes to share what you enjoy!


Mrs. Coulombe - Literacy:   

Book Report #2 due June 7th

Independent Reading book daily!  Please be sure to bring your SSR rubric to class daily! ** 20 minutes of reading nightly to create a habit of reading!!

Mrs. Stevens- Science
Extra Credit form for science (Article Summary Form) is attached below.  Extra Credit points will be added to assessment scores.  Students may do as many article summaries as they want (no limit)

Absent students should check the Google Classroom to see if there are any assignments they have not completed for that missed day.

Mrs. Hundley- Math/ Literacy 
Please click on the Hundley link (left hand column) for homework in both Math & Literacy
All necessary forms & notes are also attached there and are available for printing.  
Mr. Tupper- Student Support, Math, Science, English, Social Studies

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