Waste Reduction

How Does Waste Reduction fit within the BSC's Mission? 

The BSC's mission to provide affordable, low-cost housing to students who would otherwise not be able to obtain a University education. Waste reduction is and can continue to be a critical part of that mission through three separate parts: 

1. Teaching members best practices for reusing common items to lessen day-to-day costs
2. Creating a culture of sharing, reuse and resourcefulness in order to better maintain budgets
3. Reducing the living costs of members by reducing landfill pick ups and finding ways to recover funds from unnecessary material

Program Information

The BSC Waste Reduction Program is dynamic and has involved multiple initiatives over the years. To begin, we are some of the few organizations that mandate Special Recycling pick ups, which include soft plastics, cartons, e-waste, styrofoam, and scrap metal. These occur weekly and are organized by the Waste Reduction Coordinator and Waste Reduction Manager at the unit-level. The BSC has also developed a robust Re-use Program, instituting Free Piles and Closets in every unit in order to reduce disposal of common and reusable items, from school supplies to shoes. 

Beginning in Fall 2017, a Process-Based Program Evaluation of the Waste Reduction is being developed to better understand how the program could be improved for efficiency, habitability, cost, and waste reduction. If you are a member of the BSC or work at the BSC, please fill out this Waste Reduction Survey today! Survey will close April 1, 2018.