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Spring Move In Day

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Move-ins and Move-outs

If someone is on your houselist with a “u” in the column before the name, it means they are "unsigned" and have a contract offer but have not yet signed the contract.  If anyone with an offer signs thier contract, we will give them a check-in slips issued by our office to show you they have signed a contract (or we will call/email you that someone has signed).  

An “S” or an “ma” in the column before the name means that we have a signed contract from that person.  These people can move in without a check-in slip.  We will happily provide you with a copy of your house list anytime you want one.  If you don’t feel like coming to C.O. to get one and would like us to send you a copy in the house run, just call by 1 PM on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday and we will send you one.   We can also email houselists.

IF SOMEONE SHOWS UP WHEN THE OFFICE IS CLOSED AND YOU CAN'T VERIFY THEY HAVE SIGNED A CONTRACT, you can be nice and let them crash in common space but DON'T GIVE THEM KEYS until you verify they sign a contract.  

Summer house list guide:

This is a new way that we are sending out summer house lists and it is still evolving.


Column C – H relate to period 1 residents


Column I-M relate to period 2 residents


If someone is here for both period 1 and period 2, then column J says “same”


Let us know if you have any questions.


On the Monday following move-in weekend, you must report any "no-shows").  A no-show is a person who has signed a contract who has not moved in or who moved in and then left who has not been seen since.  It is very important that you call or email the housing department by 5 PM Monday, even if you have no no-shows.  If you do not report a person as a no-show and it turns out s/he never moved in, your house could be charged a lot of money.   You should specifically verify the presence of each person on your houselist by going room to room to make sure each is full. 

We will attempt to contact no-shows and will cancel them as of the following friday if we don't hear from them. 

Check Ins

  • Collect key deposit and show them to their room.  If they are moving in before room bids, explain about bidding
  • Verify the condition of the room and that they have the required furniture.  Help them get any missing furniture
  • Briefly explain workshifts
  • Show them around if possible
  • First impression is very important; help new members get off to the right start.  Try and be helpful and responsive to any issues or questions.

Check outs

  • The housing department will notify you of any cancellations or transfers
  • If you don't receive notice of a cancellation and someone checks out, please contact us  so we can verify their cancellation
  • When someone checks out, get their keys, a forwarding address, and check the condition of their room and if the furniture is still there
  • Try to collect on any bills they have.  If someone leaves owing the house money, you have 10 days from move-out to turn in a check-out slip (aka housebill) to CO.
  • Don't forget that all cancellations must be in writing and received by C.O.  The  cancellation policy is complicated; members should talk to the housing staff if they want to understand the policy.
  • Let CO know right away about people who disappear with or without their belongings.