Conduct Committee Member

Conduct Committee Member

Term: Summer/Fall/Spring
Positions available: 1
Start Date: Spring
Application Deadline:  Tuesday, December 3rd at 11:00AM

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Members of the Conduct Committee (ConCom) are responsible for hearing cases regarding member conduct issues and interpreting and applying section 22 of the BSC member contract, the policies in the BSC Conduct Code, and resolving other member conduct complaints for which no grievance procedure yet exists.  ConCom Members must obtain a strong understanding of the policies they are charged with applying and work with the ConCom Chair, BSC staff and other ConCom Members to ensure that the decision-making processes of the Conduct Committee are fair, procedurally sound, efficient, and sensitive to all parties involved. ConCom Members serve as voting members in determining conduct decisions in the best interest of the health and well-being of current and future BSC members and the organization as a whole.  ConCom Members actively participate in the conduct hearing, review conduct policies and members’ rights with the respondent, review testimony and evidence provided, ask probing and restorative questions, and deliberate to find the most appropriate outcome. ConCom Members are required to attend all training sessions and at least four ConCom meetings each semester.

REQUIREMENTS:  This job is open to current BSC members meeting student eligibility guidelines and we are looking for members with demonstrable understanding and experience with BSC policies, group decision-making and/or facilitation.  Previous experience applying policy or working with BSC governance bodies is also helpful, but not required. This job requires a lot of patience and responsibility.  You must be able to work with a diverse group of people.  All ConCom Members will receive thorough training on parliamentary procedures, BSC conduct policies, safety & liability issues, conduct philosophies, and practices of the BSC in order to ensure they can effectively carry out their duties.  You may not be a member of the Board of Directors and hold a central level job.  You must be a current BSC member and meet student eligibility guidelines to hold this position.  A one-year commitment is preferred.  

HOURS/PAY:  This position fulfills two hours of workshift requirement at the houses during the Fall and Spring.  Apartment residents and those holding this position during the Summer will be paid for 2 hours/week at the workshift rate ($16/hour). If, for whatever reason, this position begins mid-semester compensation will be pro-rated. 

TO APPLY:  Click the  BSC Job Application link to fill out the job application google form by Tuesday, December 3rd at 11:00AM.  For more information, contact Victor Saldivar, Cooperative Experience Manager, at

The BSC is an Equal Opportunity Employer