Fenwick Assistant Manager

Fenwick Assistant Manager

Term: Summer/Fall/Spring
Positions available: 1
Start Date: Fall
Application Deadline: THURSDAY, AUGUST 1ST 2019 at 11:59PM

DUTIES: The Fenwick Assistant Manager’s primary responsibility is to assign and supervise Fenwick member workshifts. They are responsible for staffing the Rochdale/Fenwick office at least three days per week, (this may include Saturday), during regular office hours (Monday - Saturday, 12pm-6pm). They must also be on call by pager at least three days per week to handle non-office-hour emergencies. They assist with check-ins and check-outs; attends all House Council and management meetings; assists with lock-outs; prepares BSC check-out slips charging members who have not completed workshifts; and other duties as assigned by the Apartment Manager.

REQUIREMENTS: You must have excellent organizational skills, and the ability to interact with a diverse group of people. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively (both written and oral) are necessary for this job. At least three month’s office or administrative experience is required, as well as writing, typing and record-keeping skills. You must be able to work independently and be able to keep to a consistent schedule. 

WAGES & HOURS: This is a 20-hour/week position with a starting wage of $18.00/hour. You must be eligible and agree to live at Fenwick to hold this position, although you do not need to currently live in Fenwick to apply. This position is eligible for work-study compensation. This position will begin Fall 2019.

TO APPLY: please complete and submit this google application form by 
THURSDAY, AUGUST 1ST 2019 at 11:59PMApplications are also available in person at Central Office. Please reach out with any questions to hicom@bsc.coop. For more information, please contact Araceli Beltran, Apartment Manager, at abeltran@bsc.coop. 

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The BSC is an Equal Opportunity Employer