Questions about applying

What if I'm not in Berkeley right now?

You can apply for BSC jobs remotely. Just email in your application. You will have the same opportunity as other applicants. If an interview is necessary, we'll interview you by phone.

When will I hear back?

It varies, but you should hear back within the next few weeks. Depending on the position, you may be selected based on your application, or called in for an interview. Interviews are generally held within two weeks of the application deadline; dates and times for interviews are arranged over the phone or by e-mail, so be sure to include current contact information.

What if I turn in my application late?

We can only guarantee that we will consider on-time applications.

What if I prefer to fill out the application on paper?

If it isn't possible for you to email the application, you can turn in the printable version of the application (and, optionally, the Affirmative Action form) at Central Office (2424 Ridge Road).

Can I fax in my application?

Yes. Our fax number is (510) 848-2114.

What if I can't make the interview?

If you have a scheduling conflict, please inform the Hiring Committee Chair ( as soon as possible. You always have the option of setting up a phone interview during your timeslot if you can't make it to Central Office.

Can I apply for a BSC Central level job if I have a boarding contract, but not a housing contract?

Members holding central level boarding contracts are eligible for jobs restricted to members, provided that they also meet BSC student eligibility requirements.

Can I hold an additional BSC Central Level job if I already have a BSC Central Level job?

A member may have only one central-level compensated position at one time unless hours per week total 17 hours or less and approval is obtained from the committee composed of the VP of Internal Affairs, Operations Manager, and Member Advocate.

Can I hold a BSC Central Level job if I am a house level manager?

Members with Central Level positions and house level workshift positions will receive workshift compensation from their Central Level position, leaving compensation for the house position (if any) up to the member’s house.

For example, a member who has a Central Level job and is also a House Manager would receive their workshift hours from their Central Level job.  To receive rent compensation in lieu of the workshift hours they would otherwise receive as House Manager, the member would need to bring a motion to their house council requesting to be paid for those hours. 

I'm an international student with a Visa that limits the amount of hours the I can work in the United States. Can I take a BSC job if the hours would exceed the limitation on the number of hours I can work under my Visa?

The BSC offers several positions that provide only five or fewer hours of central level workshift. For these five hour/week work positions, we do not verify the member's ability to work in the United States because workshift is an unpaid duty required of all members. However, the case of a job with compensated hours that exceed the basic 5 hour/week workshift expected of all members, the BSC is required to verify the member's ability to work in the United States by collecting an I-9 with supporting documentation-- in this case a copy of your Visa. So, if the Visa limits your ability to work, we have to comply with the limitations. For specific information on what your Visa actually allows, you should seek your own legal advice. 

I want to apply for a central-level job which is compensated partly in workshift hours and partly in rent credit (or compensation) at the workshift rate. However, I do not want to give up my house-level workshift assignment. Instead, I prefer to be paid for my central level job entirely in rent credit (or compensation) for all of the posted hours, while keeping my house-level workshift. Is this an option?

No. Because of how we budge for workshift and member jobs, it is not an option to convert the workshift component of the central level job to rent credit (or compensation) at the workshift rate UNLESS you live in the apartments or you have the job during the summer semester. If you want to keep your house-level workshift AND take a central level job, you must ask your house council if the house will compensate you at the workshift rate for the house-level workshift. Teh house council may be willing to do this because, by taking a central level job the workshift hours you perform as part of your central level job contribute to the house's ability to meet its contribution to the central level workshift pool.