Affirmative Action Policy

The BSC is an equal-opportunity and affirmative-action employer. Applicants for jobs have the option of submitting a confidential affirmative-action page if they belong to a protected group. This page will be kept totally confidential and seen only by the Fair Employment Practices Administrator, unless it is needed to help make a hiring decision in the case of equally-qualified applicants.

Why do we have an affirmative action policy?
The BSC's policy on affirmative action is intended to promote the welfare of BSC members from groups that have been historically discriminated against. In addition to having the Affirmative Action Form, we do other things to make sure less-privileged members have the chance to get a job. We try to advertise jobs as widely as possible and encourage minority BSC members to apply. We will make accommodations wherever reasonable so that members with a disability can perform the job, including job-sharing proposals. We do not discriminate during hirings or anywhere else. The BSC is a place where every member should have the same opportunities to thrive, and the hiring process is just one way we can make that happen.

Does the BSC hire people because they are of a certain race, orientation, disability status, etc?
No! The information on the affirmative action form only exists to help the Hiring Committee make a decision, and only if multiple candidates for the job are equally-qualified. HiCom's goal is to hire the most-qualified candidate. In many hirings, affirmative-action status is never even taken into account; filing an affirmative action form only gives an applicant preferential status if their qualification for the job is identical to someone who did not file an affirmative action form.

How will my Affirmative Action Form be used? Who will see it?
Unless it is needed to help the Hiring Committee make a decision, the Affirmative Action Form will only be seen by the Fair Employment Practices Administrator. Even if the Hiring Committee does learn the affirmative-action status of an applicant, this (like all information shared during the HiCom's deliberations) is totally confidential. Affirmative Action Form information can be used statistically for the purposes of evaluating how effective BSC recruitment policies are, but in this case the information will be anonymous.

I'm an applicant. How can I state that I want to be considered under the policy?
Just turn in the Affirmative Action Form, filled out and signed, when applying for any BSC job.
Fair Employment Practices Administrator,
Aug 3, 2011, 10:24 AM