Operations Assistant

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Operations Assistant



The Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) is an 80 year-old student-governed and operated non-profit affordable housing cooperative near the University of California at Berkeley.  The BSC houses approximately 1300 students in 17 room-and-board houses and 3 apartment complexes. To learn more about the cooperative please visit us at www.bsc.coop.  


The Operations Assistant is responsible for assisting house-level managers in meeting BSC and City habitability guidelines.  They are responsible for training Workshift Managers, providing ongoing support, and facilitating communication with the central-level.  In conjunction with the Operations Manager, they work with all house-level managers and central-level staff to ensure that houses have effective workshift programs*, maintain reasonable safety and cleanliness standards, and support houses in effectively responding to inspection reports and habitability issues**.  They recommend and approve projects and coordinate and supervise student crews and contractors/vendors for habitability, pest control, and other maintenance/improvement projects.  The Operations Assistant is also responsible for completing additional projects related to house or central-level operations, as assigned by the Operations Manager.

* Workshift is a scheduled set of chores/tasks that each member performs at their unit. Chores may in include, but are not limited to, house maintenance, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. As a cooperative, all house upkeep is done through members at the unit level. Professional cleaning and maintenance crews do not exist as they may in other student living environments.

**Habitability inspections and standards are modeled after health & safety inspections that are typically performed in student living environments. For example, cleanliness, fire safety, commercial kitchens, moisture concerns, etc., are inspected by the Operations Assistant at least twice per term.



Applicants must possess excellent oral and written communication skills, and the ability to analyze complex systems and suggest/implement improvements. They must have excellent organizational skills. They must also exhibit the ability to work independently and manage multiple projects. Applicants should possess the ability to work well with a diverse array of people (and students in particular) and have the ability to organize projects involving multiple stakeholders. Applicants must maintain tact, firmness, and a willingness to enforce BSC policy and habitability standards.



Applicants are required to have at least two years of college.  Previous experience as a BSC Workshift Manager and familiarity with the Central Level Workshift Pool and Workshift Website is preferred, but not required.  A thorough understanding of BSC policies related to workshifts, habitability guidelines, and City of Berkeley commercial kitchen standards is needed.  Previous supervisory, training, and food service experience is preferred.



This is a full time position with an hourly starting wage of $21.42/hour.  Benefits and other conditions of employment are pursuant to an Employee Association contract, which currently provides for annual cost-of-living adjustments, performance-based raises and/or bonuses, health and dental insurance for employee and dependents, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, and paid retirement benefits (after two years).



You must fill out a BSC application and submit your resume along with a list of three professional references.  An application is available at 2424 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA between 10am and 5pm, Monday - Friday and can be downloaded from our website hicom.bsc.coop.  Applications must be received by 10am on Monday, May 11th, 2015.  Applications may be submitted to the address above or emailed to jobs@bsc.coop.   For more information, please contact Marie Lucero, Operations Manager, at mlucero@bsc.coop by email only please. 



Kim Benson,
Apr 21, 2015, 12:00 PM