Project Management Intern



JOB DESCRIPTION:  The Project Management Intern (PMI) works under the direction of the Executive Director and collaborates with others on a major project which will further an element of the organization’s strategic plan (70%). The Project Management Intern will also have minor duties assisting the BSC Executive Director (30%).  Specific job duties include but are not limited to conducting research and drafting reports for the problem that the assigned project intends to address; developing a work plan and timeline for the completion of the project; working collaboratively with the BSC Cabinet of executive officers, contractors, staff, and other relevant stakeholders to complete the project; attending  BSC committee and/or Board of Director meetings relevant to the project; creating an  archive of materials and information relevant to the project.


For Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 the PMI will be assisting the Operations Manager and central-level staff with the development and implementation of a new software package to handle housing assignments, contracting, and accounts receivable functions.  The PMI will work under the direction of the Operations Manager to document business processes and customize the database/web apps in our new housing software package (RMS) to meet the meet the BSC’s needs.  The PMI will work with Housing and Bookkeeping staff to test database and web app functions and integrate feedback into development.  The PMI will also help the Operations Manager problem-solve and identify how best to utilize the new software package’s functionality and where we may need to consider altering our existing business processes to do so.


REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants must be a current BSC member.  Must have good organizational skills; good math skills or quantitative reasoning; intermediate competence with word processing, spreadsheets, presentations; comfortable using Internet applications such as document sharing, group websites, wikis, etc. Applicants must also have good oral and written communication skills; the ability to learn complex procedures quickly and accurately; the ability to work independently and reliably with confidential or sensitive information.  Applicants must work well under pressure and meet deadlines.  For the Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 project, a major in Computer Science, Information Management, or a related field is required.  Previous experience working with web-based applications and/or previous experience working with our existing housing software (either as a student employee or workshifter) would be helpful, as would some prior service to the organization in leadership positions or central-level jobs.


HOURS/PAY: This is a 15hr/week internship, compensated with a rent credit at $13.00/hour for 10 hrs/week and fulfilling your five-hours/week workshift requirement.  Apartment dwellers and summer residents will receive an additional rent credit stipend for the five workshift hours (at $13.00/hour), as this job does not replace the workshift requirement in these instances.  This position starts immediately and is for both the Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 semester.  If for whatever reason this job begins mid-semester, the stipend will be prorated. This job is eligible for work-study compensation.  You cannot be a member of the Board of Directors and hold a Central Level job.  You cannot hold a compensated house-level position and this position concurrently.

TO APPLY: Download, Complete, and Submit a BSC application (and resume if desired) to by Monday 4/18 @10amApplications are also available on our website ( or at Central Office.  For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Kim Benson, by email at

The BSC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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