Project Management Intern


Term: Spring/Summer
Positions available: 1
Application Deadline:  ThursdayFebruary 15th at 11:59pm

JOB DESCRIPTION:  The Project Management Intern (PMI) works under the direction of the Executive Director and collaborates with others on a major project which will further an element of the organization’s strategic plan (70%). The Project Management Intern will also have minor duties assisting the BSC Executive Director (30%).  Specific job duties include but are not limited to conducting research and drafting reports for the problem that the assigned project intends to address; developing a work plan and timeline for the completion of the project; working collaboratively with the BSC Cabinet of executive officers, contractors, staff, and other relevant stakeholders to complete the project; attending  BSC committee and/or Board of Director meetings relevant to the project; creating an archive of materials and information relevant to the project.


For the Spring & Summer 2018 terms, the PMI would work under the direction of the Executive Director (and other senior managers/staff as needed) to create accessible presentations and educational information in support of various Board-level projects that support the BSC’s strategic initiatives, fulfillment of our mission, member engagement, and operational efficiency.  Specific potential projects include developing:

  •        Demographic Census Data Presentations
  •         Member Satisfaction Data & Metrics Presentations
  •         Workshift Education Materials for Prospective, New, and Current Members
  •         Financial Training/Educational Materials for Understanding & Managing Unit-Level Finances
  •        BSC Leadership Recruitment Support 


REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants must be a current BSC member.  Must have good organizational skills; good math skills or quantitative reasoning; intermediate competence with word processing, spreadsheets, presentations in multiple platforms; creation of charts/graphs; and a high level of proficiency in all Google suite applications.  Applicants must also have excellent oral and written communication skills; the ability to learn complex procedures quickly and accurately; the ability to work independently and reliably with confidential or sensitive information.  Applicants must work well under pressure and meet deadlines.  For the Spring & Summer 2018 project, preference will be given to members who have served in unit-level manager, board-level positions, or central-level student jobs.  You cannot be a member of the Board of Directors and hold a Central Level job.  You cannot hold a compensated house-level position and this position concurrently. 


HOURS/PAY: This is a 15-hour/week internship, compensated with a rent credit at $14.00/hour for 10 hours/week and fulfilling your five-hours/week workshift requirement.  Apartment dwellers and summer residents will receive an additional rent credit stipend for the five workshift hours (at $14.00/hour), as this job does not replace the workshift requirement in these instances.  This position starts immediately and is for both the Spring 2018 & Summer 2018 terms.  If for whatever reason this job begins mid-semester, the stipend will be prorated.  This job is eligible for work-study compensation.  


TO APPLY: Submit a BSC application form (and resume if desired) by email to or to Central Office by ThursdayFebruary 15th at 11:59pm.  Applications are available on our website ( or at Central Office.  For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Kim Benson, by email at

The BSC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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