Health Worker Coordinator

Health Worker Coordinator 

Term Type:  Fall/Spring
Positions available:  1
Start Date: Fall
Application Deadline:  Thursday, June 21st, 2018 at 11:59pm

DUTIES: The Health Worker Coordinator (HWC) is responsible for managing the BSC Health Worker Program by training, supervising and supporting health workers who serve the members of individual co-ops. The HWC ensures that the health workers promote health in the BSC through core health promotion strategies; community-level engagement and education; peer support; and appropriate referrals. The HWC is also a student liaison between the BSC and the University Health Services Health Worker Program, University Health Services, and other health promotion organizations. The HWC works with the Member Resources Supervisor to develop a plan for how the Health Workers, the Health Education Coordinator, and the HWC should respond to a variety of member health concerns, including medical emergencies. The HWC also works with the BSC’s Emergency Services Coordinator to hold First Aid and CPR training for all Health Workers and sponsors other Health Worker training by week 4 of each semester. The HWC meets regularly with each co-op’s Health Worker and House Manager at the beginning of each semester, organizes bi-weekly meetings for all Health Workers, is on-call to Health Workers, and ensures that Health Workers are fulfilling the duties of the position. The HWC must attend monthly UHS Health Worker Coordinator meetings, confer regularly with the Health Education Coordinator, and participate in meetings of the Member Resources Department, among other duties.

REQUIREMENTS: The applicant should have excellent organizational, as well as strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills. The applicant must be able to work independently and be able to offer and receive feedback constructively. The successful applicant must demonstrate a commitment to public health and health education and be willing to seek additional training. Some teaching experience (for example, deCal facilitation) is strongly preferred, as is familiarity with the Health Worker Program and the resources of University Health Services. You cannot be on the Board of Directors and hold a central level job. You must be a current BSC member and meet student eligibility guidelines to hold this position.

This position averages 8 hours/week for Fall/Spring, fulfilling the five-hour/week workshift obligation in the houses and providing an additional stipend for 3 hours/week at $15.00/hour.  Apartment residents will receive an additional rent credit, (at $15.00/hr), instead of workshift credit, as the workshift requirement is still required in these instances.  This position is eligible for work-study compensation.  A member beginning this position mid-semester will receive a pro-rated rent reduction.  

Download, complete, and submit a BSC application (and resume if desired) to by Thursday, June 21st, 2018 at 11:59pm  Applications can be downloaded from the links below or picked up at Central Office.  For more information, please contact Tyler Naman, Supervisor, at (510) 848-1936, or

The BSC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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