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On Call Workers Needed

The BSC often needs temporary workers to assist in the operations when workloads increase or when assigned workers are absent.  We are now accepting applications from individuals interested in on-call job opportunities.  There is no guarantee that work will be available, which departments will need workers, or the duration of assignment.  We will give priority to current members, but everyone is welcome to apply.

Types of duties that may become available:
Central Office: paperwork, data-entry, filing, shredding, general clerical; clean-up; event set-up and/or take-down
Central Food & Supplies: paperwork, data-entry, goods packing and/or delivery, clean-up, and inventory.
Central Maintenance: light carpentry, plumbing, repairing windows, walls, ceilings, doors, and locks, painting, dump runs, gardening and moving furniture.
Operations: Move-out and clean up.

Unless the position is advertised as a permanent sub-for-pay, YOU WILL BE WORKING ON AN “ON-CALL” BASIS WITH NO GUARANTEED HOURS.  You must already have skills necessary to perform maintenance tasks, as it is not intended as a training position.  You must fill out an on-call application indicating your skills and experience to be considered, as well as providing a schedule indicating when you are available to work.  You must be responsible and dependable, and able to work without supervision.  Some jobs may require moderate to heavy lifting.

Workshift Rate, currently $18/hour for actual hours worked.  No benefits are associated with this position.

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