Welcome to the External Affairs Committee (EACom)!
Chaired by BSC's Vice President of External Affairs (Ella Smith, vpea@bsc.coop)
Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:30pm at the Berkeley Student Cooperative (Central Office)

The External Affairs Committee is charged with handling all public relations, communications, and externally-related events for the co-ops. Some of our projects include marketing, event-planning, conferences, advertising, community interactions, outreach, and recruitment. This is where we will update our projects and keep everything recorded for the future. This site will keep all of those projects in one neat place!

Some of our projects from Fall 2019 included:
  • Built relationships with University administrators, City leaders, and student organizations.
  • To expand our BSC recruiting capacity, we rewrote the descriptions and added hours to the Recruitment Coordinator and Assistant Job Descriptions. These are student job positions focus to recruit low-income, EOP, undocumented, transfer, and DSP students to the BSC. 
  • Strengthened our BSC Recruitment Plan to make our recruitment strategies more robust. 
  • Planned for the Adopt-a-Drain project to offer members a community service opportunity and Home / Community Involvement hours in the spring.
  • Develop strategies to empower unit-level managers to feel empowered to build relations with neighbors. Here a document with a summary of our work.

For any general questions or tips regarding external affairs, please email vpea@bsc.coop

EACom Minutes & Agendas