Welcome to Cabinet !

Cabinet is the BSC's executive committee.

Cabinet consists of the President (as chair), four Vice Presidents, and two members-at-large as the seven voting members, as well as the Executive Director, Operations Manager, Finance and Accounting Manager, and Cooperative Experience Manager as advisers, and the Board Administrative Assistant also attend. We meet every week (except for Board weeks) to discuss basically anything and everything that falls outside of an individual person's job description but not important enough to need a Board decision, as well as to review items heading to Board.

All members are welcome to come. Meetings are Thursdays at 6:00 PM in the Central Office Conference Room. Email the President, Zach Gamlieli, at president@bsc.coop for questions or comments. Feel free to request an agenda in advance!

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Cabinet 2017-18
2017-2018 Cabinet
From Left to Right: Carlos Farias, Non-Executive Cabinet Member; Joshua Erdtsieck, VP of External Affairs; Suleekho Muse, VP of Capital and Finance;
Abdullah Puckett, Non-Executive Cabinet Member; Alex Coffin, VP of Experience & Training; Zach Gamlieli, President; Jess Haro, VP of Internal Affairs