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Caution to parents

Our boys do most of the program planning, and much of the implementation.  This is what we mean when we say Troop 475 is a "boy lead troop".

Often this is frustrating for our involved adults.  We already know how to do that planning and implementation much quicker and efficiently than the boys.  Sometimes it feels easier for us to just do it.  Resist this temptation (or complaint) that is the role that scout leaders play, parents are no longer the do-er's. As parents and volunteers we give our boys more freedom to do for themselves. 

It is similar to when our children were learning to walk. It was easier and faster to pick them up and carry them.  But we knew we had to let them take those first halting steps, and watch them fall, and wait for them as they followed us. It took longer, but we knew they had to learn. Our role now needs to change as our boys develop their life skills. This is especially hard if it is your son who is supposed to be doing the work -- you are used to doing for him or at least reminding him to get his work done. 

Please be patient with them, and watch the results as these young men amaze you. Your son and our boys are capable of so much more than we as parents generally are willing to allow them. Their methods may differ from ours but they get the job done. Now they are learning about life. 

Stand back and watch them grow!