Why Use Business Service Assistants!

We view our customers as more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. Real people who you engage with on an ongoing basis, collecting feedback that grows more meaningful over time. Real people, higher response rates, actionable insight—our assistance is focused on giving you the context you need to improve your entire business life-cycle. Click the helpful tips below:

Our Experience Shows!

Our discipline, and experience, working with various types of business' over the past 30 years has given BSA insight into many areas where your business can improve; and not fall into common pitfalls.

Top Ten Business Social Risks

1.)  Human Rights
2.) Rule of Law
3.) Corruption
4.) Security
5.) Land
6.) Environment
7.) Public health
8.) Indigenous rights
9.) Working Conditions
10.) Supply chain

Who is managing your business risk?

Try a sample of our risk management solution Here

We can design a risk management program that fits your business scope & requirements with your risk appetite & tolerance in mind.

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