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Book Fair

October 28 - Nov. 4

Coming In October
Spooky stories around the campfire!

Beginning in September

Springhill Elementary students are:

Remember to read on MyOn to earn prizes.  

I am so excited to see everyone.  I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are ready to see friends and learn many new things.  We will be camping out in the library at "CAMP READ S'MORE".  We will read books, play games and learn new and interesting facts about camping. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing about your summer.  See you soon!!


 Library Policies and Procedures



Checkout Procedures

All books are checked out for one week. Items may be renewed one time, unless there is a waiting list for it. Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders may check out one book at a time. 3rd through 5th grade may check out two books at a time. Students will check out books according to their accelerated reader level.  Levels will be listed on the back of the student’s library card.

Book Selection

Library staff makes every effort to help your child select books that are both interesting to them and on an appropriate level for their age. However, only you can ultimately decide what is appropriate for your child. If your child comes home with a book that you feel is inappropriate for them, please send the book back to the library and they may check out a different book.

Lost, Damaged, and Overdue Books

Lost Books—All lost books must be paid for in full. The cost of the lost book is the replacement cost. This information is printed on overdue notices and can be shared with students or parents when needed. Students may not check out again until lost or damaged books are paid for. At the end of the school year, report cards will not be sent home to students with lost or missing books.

Damaged Books—A fee will be charged to a student that damages a book that can't be repaired. This includes peeling off the labels or label protectors. Students are asked to always inspect their books before checking out in order to avoid being charged for another student's damage. When the student knows that a library book has been damaged while in his/her care, he/she is to tell Mrs. Majors soon as possible.

Overdue Books—We do not have late fees in our library. Students with overdue books may not check out until the book is returned or paid for. Students will receive an overdue note once their books are more than two weeks late. The librarian will attempt to call or email parents/guardians if books are four or more weeks late.





Behavior Counts

The Springhill Library strives for an environment that is conducive to learning.
This year we will be using "Give me 5".

Consequences for Poor Behavior

       1st offense – Warning

       2nd offense – Loss of check out privilege or   

                                removal from  group

       3rd offense – Discipline note



All major offenses will result in an immediate office visit.

This includes fighting, destruction of  school property, and non-compliant behavior.