Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors...

Please turn in the following forms to the Counselors as soon as possible

  • Verification sheets
  • Concurrent Credit forms (if applicable)
  • Saline County Career Center Applications
  • Internships, Virtual, and Work-based form
  • Early Grad forms

Hey Seniors!!   Only a few more weeks!  AHHHH!

A couple things:

  • We will visit your English classes this week to speak to you about your college plans and scholarships you’ve been awarded and have accepted.  Make sure to have your id # so you can log onto Naviance.  YOU MUST DO THIS GRADUATION SURVEY!  IT IS REQUIRED BY EVERY GRADUATING SENIOR REGARDLESS OF YOUR PLANS!
  • We have a Senior Seminar on April 14 during 4th period in Love.
  • The Awards Assembly for seniors will be Friday, April 28 at 10am in Love.  You’re welcome to invite your parents if you’d like!
  • Early Grads - #’s 2 and 3 apply to you as well! You for sure need to be there so make sure you clear your schedule those two Fridays.  Also fill out the survey on Naviance ASAP!  The instructions are linked below.