What Book Should I Read Next?

Use these links to help you find your next great read!

Amazon is an easy to search website, with reviews and recommendations for similar books.  Search by title, subject, or author.

Mid-Continent Public Library's Book-To-Movie Database is easy to search by movie title, book title, book author, or movie release year.

ALA's best books list!
This is an online reading community.  Type in a favorite title or author and get lots of recommendations for your next book!

This site has great advice for choosing young adult books in many genres.

This site is devoted to the graphic novel enthusiast.

A website for guys that think they don't like to read.

An online journal, belonging to Professor Teri Lesene's (Sam Houston State University), as she reads books for all ages!

Started by author James Patterson (Maximum Ride Series).  This is a GREAT resource for finding that next GREAT book!

A website specifically designed for connecting teens with books!

Type in the title of a loved book and get a list of similar, recommended books to read!

Need to know what comes next in a series?  Search for a title, series title, or author to get your answers!