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Paper Outline

Melanie Collier

BRVGS Senior Project




Introduction: Importance placed on sports in America


Thesis: The importance and prestige placed on sports in America today have led to the increase in overuse injuries in adolescent athletes, injuries that are easily avoidable when the proper precautions are followed.



I.                    Common Overuse Injuries in Adolescents

            A. Explain overuse injuries

B.  Female Athlete Triad

                  1. What

                  2. Who

                  3. How

C. Little League Elbow

                  1. What

                  2. Who

                  3. How

D. Osgood Schlatter Disease

                  1. What

                  2. Who

                  3. How

E. Stress Fractures

                  1. What

                  2. Who

                  3. How


II.                 Reasons Injuries Occur

A.     Lack of skill

B.     Lack of safety measures

1.      not taught

2.      not practiced-neglected

3.      completely absent

       a. ignorance

4. Overtraining

     a. Sports Psychology

               (1.) pressure from parents/coaches/etc

               (2.) don’t know when to stop

               (3.) drive to constantly “be the best”


III.               Injury Prevention and Treatment

A.     Learn sport specific skills

1.      master before playing

2.      safe for all

3.      specificity of sport activity

4.      principle of periodization

B.     follow and know safety rules

1.      general conditioning

2.      general hygiene

3.      general medical knowledge

a.       first aid

b.      CPR

4.      sport specific


5.      equipment

a.       correct

b.      checked/certified

c.       fitted

C.     RICE

D.     Prevention and Treatment

1.      female athlete triad

2.      little league elbow

a.       little league elbow ex: pitching counts

3.      Osgood schlatter

a.   Osgood schlatter ex: flexibility

4.      stress fractures


IV.              Sports in Orange

A.     Threat of Losing sports

1.      budget cuts

2.      impact on community

a.       outlet for kids

b.      increase in deviant activity without sports

c.       job loss

d.      kids not going to college for sports from Orange



                   Restate Thesis

                  Application Sentence