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Getting Started

posted Feb 16, 2010, 11:00 AM by Unknown user
Coming into my senior year I knew that my BRVGS internship would comsume a lot of my time, so why not base it on something I was passionate about and hope to study in the future? This is how i settled on the topic of Sports Medicine, specifically youth injuries in sports.  Composing my Letter of Intent was my first task, which honestly caught me by surprise with the level of difficulty and gave me a taste of the intensity of the work yet to come.  I found the most challenging part of this to be deciding on a legacy, something that would impact the community in the future.  But with that task completed and under my belt it was time to move on to scheduling my internship and time with my mentor, Dr. Robert Wilder as well as finding resources for my research paper. I am anticipating the paper to be the most difficult because as of right now, I am not certain which direction I want to take the paper, for my topic is rather broad.