Hello, my name is Melanie Collier.  For my senior Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School project I have been working to keep athletics alive in Orange County.  Due to the recent down turn in the national and local economies, funding for many schools and their related activities have been drastically reduced, and athletics in Orange are no exception.  As for next year in Orange, sports will run under the "pay to participate" ruling and all teams will have to do their own fundraising.  My goal for this project was to start a fundraising legacy that would assist in covering the cost of having operational high school sports at OCHS.  Therefore, I have opened the concession stand in the Field House--with much thanks to Mr. Rabe, Mr. Rogers, and Mrs. Haney-- during class changes as well as after school and all proceeds go directly towards athletics. This website will further explain the process in which my project has followed in addition to expressing the need to keep athletics alive and well in Orange County. Enjoy the website!