Winners so Far

Previous Nationwide Winners (1998-2012):

William Monroe Winners:


  • Alex B.: Finalist for “The Impact of Elements, Seed Selection, Precipitation, and Soil pH on Grass Longevity”
  • Michael A.: Semi-finalist for “The Ecosystem of my Creek”


  • Elizabeth D: Semi-finalist for “CREP: Aid for the Environment”
  • Josephine H: Semi-finalist for “The Causes for Death in Hemlock Trees”
  • Briana L: Semi-finalist for “Human Impact on Water Quality”
  • Megan F: Semi-finalist for “Why is There Comparatively More Open Space in a Coniferous Forest than a Deciduous Forest”
  • Thomas W: Semi-finalist for “Backyard Birds”


  • Megan L.: Finalist for “Thermotropic Leaf Movement in Rhododendrons as an accurate thermometer”

  • Jill W.: Semi-finalist for “Managed Lakes vs. Non-managed lakes”

  • Richard T.: Semi-finalist for “The Enigmatic Beaver”

  • Aubrey K.: Semi-finalist for 

    Mountain Laurel’s Growth” 
  • Edward M.: Semi-finalist for “The Effect of a Rusted Culvert on the pH of a River”

  • Nathan M.: Finalist for "Monitoring the Preferred Diets of Local Hummingbirds"
  • Brett S.: Semi-Finalist for "What is the Reason?"
  • Carrie D.: Semi-Finalist for "Studying Factors that Affect the Health of Local Creeks"
  • Christina H.: Semi-Finalist for "Vegetation Indication?


  •  Noah H.: Semi-Finalist for “How does the weather affect the pH of Deer Lake?”
  •  Julia H.: Semi-Finalist for “Soil Study”
  • Victoria E.: Semi-Finalist for "Vitamin D's effect on radishes"
  • Andrea T.: Finalist for "What type of grass grows best in Virginia's soil?"
  • Jessica F.: Semi-Finalist for "Water Pollution: A Comparison of Three Creeks"
  • Tyler M.: Semi-Finalist for "How does Turbidity Affect Sunfish Feeding?"
  • Maria Wright: Semi-Finalist for "The ground ate my homework"
  • Lindsay Knights: Semi-Finalist for "The grass is always greener in central Virginia: Testing grass seed types in red clay soil"
  •  Grace Talley: Semi-Finalist for "Which grass is best for my yard"
  • Isaac McSherry: Semi-Finalist for  “The Effect of Lights on the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug