Research Paper Assignment

The Research Paper is the biggest part of your project, totaling 70% of your overall grade for the First Semester Project.  You will be assigned to research the inventions of a particular civilization or period in history. 

From your research, your group 
will pick specific, significant inventions or technological developments that you and your group consider to be among the most important from your assigned civilization or time period.  Every member of the group will be assigned to a different invention or technological development, which each will later feature in a webpage.  One note - while the "Home Page" editor will not have to do an "invention page" on the group website, he or she must still be assigned a separate invention or technological development for their research paper.  

You will introduce and defend the choice of that specific historical development as one of the most important related to your theme or topic.

Make sure that you keep in mind the "Questions to address" in the "Research Paper Guidelines" - answers to these questions must be included in your paper.

See the Research Paper Requirements (below) and the Research Paper Guidelines and Rubric for specific mechanical requirements.

WH Semester 1 Paper Requirements

WH Semester 1 Paper Rubric