Mentor Evalutation

Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School

Mentor Evaluation

Student:  Paul Duffau                                                 School:  Fluvanna County High School

Mentor ____Scot French___________________________________

Mentor Contact information:___ VCDH, P.O. Box 400116, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4116____

Dear BRVGS Student Mentor,

The following information will be used to assist BRVGS senior advisors in evaluating student performance. Please rate each of the following performance areas with a 1 for “always,” 2 for “usually/often”, 3 for “rarely,” 4 for “never,” or N/A if you feel that the performance area is not relevant to your experience with the student. In addition, please include relevant comments.

Performance Area                                                                                                                                    Score            Comments

 Student showed genuine interest and initiative in regard to Senior Project topic. 1 

Student showed responsibility, as characterized by:

1. Punctuality

2. Meeting obligations

3. Communicating with mentor as needed



 Student accepted guidance and constructive criticism throughout.1 

Student challenged or “stretched” him- or herself academically and personally.