Your Senior Website

Your Senior BRVGS Project Website is a place for your advisor to keep track of your progress throughout your senior project.  It is VERY important that the website be kept up to date, and that all required elements are present, as expected, throughout the course.  You will have a set of minimum expectations for each Open Class module, so please make sure to check and follow those expectations.  

Your website also provides a detailed portfolio of your entire BRVGS senior experience for teachers, fellow students, parents and evaluators at your presentation and at the Expo. Therefore, your website will need to be updated regularly with information, as required in your list of BRVGS Senior Due Dates.  

To create your site, go to "sites" from the BRVGS Apps Log-in page or from your email.  Click on "Create New Site," the "Browse Template Gallery". Select the Senior Site template.

The title of your website should be your first and last name together, and the URL should be:
(For example:
*if you get an error message that says the url is not available, try adding your middle initial*

Go to "More Options" while creating the site, then enter your school initials, in small letter (fchs, lchs, mchs, ochs, nchs, wmhs, ghs) + graduating year in the "category" area.  For example, a student from Fluvanna County High School who is graduating in 2015 should categorize their website as: fchs2015

The senior websites will be evaluated by judges at the Senior Exposition and will be given a final grade by your Senior Advisor (see the BRVGS Project Site Rubric. The BRVGS Project Site is worth 10 points of your overall final grade.

Prior to the end of the semester in which you have your BRVGS Senior Internship class (or prior to the Senior Expo, whichever comes first), you will participate in a peer review, in which you will review another student's site agains the BRVGS Senior Website Checklist (see below).

Senior Website Checklist