Your Senior Presentation is a formal presentation that takes place at your local school, before a panel of evaluators.  It should summarize your entire experience and critical learning from your BRVGS Senior Project, and should follow the guidelines below:

1.  The presentation should last 10 minutes, after which evaluators and audience members will have 5 minutes for questions.

2.  The presentation should tell the "story" of your internship, research and community service, and should address the following:
  • What was your overall topic, and why did you choose this particular topic?
  • What was your research question, and what did you discover in your research?
  • What did you do for your internship and community service, and who were your mentors and supervising adults? 
  • What was "significant" about your internship and community service?
  • What did you learn about yourself through this experience?
  • What might you have done differently if you had this to do again, and/or what advice would you give to future BRVGS Seniors?
  • What are your future plans?

3.  The presentation should be accompanied by some kind of media (Google Presentation, slideshow, etc).   
  • Real photographs of you during your internship/community service are great
  • As few words as possible.  If you are just going to have a picture and a title, forget the title (you're going to say that anyway) and make the picture as large as possible!
  • Instead of putting two pictures on one slide, put them each on their own and make them BIG!
  • Bullets - be careful, make sure they are VERY valuable - if they are just a list of topics, forget them (you're going to say them anyways)
  • Remember that YOU are the presentation and the "media" is just for setting the stage for what you are saying
  • It is STRONGLY advised to have your advisor and Mrs. Outten look over your presentation.

Students must be dressed appropriately for a formal academic presentation.  Students who are not properly dressed for the occasion will not be allowed to take part, and will lose credit for the event.  Senior Advisors and the BRVGS Director have the sole responsibility for making decisions regarding student dress.  See the Senior Expo Dress Guidelines for more info. 

5.  Students should make their presentation facing their audience, without podium, with minimal use of notes, and without reading directly from Powerpoint or notes. If notes must be used, they should be on a single note card.  

6. A Google Presentations version of your presentation should be embedded on your senior site and made public to the world.

7. Google Presentations should be named in this manner - FirstIntialLastNameCountyYear (ex. SOuttenMC2016) and shared with AT LEAST three days before your school presentation (or whatever date your Senior Advisor sets).  Your presentation should be shared so that the "" account is able to edit your presentation.

See the BRVGS Senior Presentation Rubric for details on how the presentation will be evaluated.