Everyone has a secret.

My name is Katie Wood, and I am a senior at Nelson County High School. My senior project, Postsecret Nelson, combines my interests in art, community and psychology.
Postsecret is a community art project in which participants are asked to decorate a postcard with a secret of theirs and submit it anonymously.
I believe that members of a community can be brought together by sharing their artwork and their secrets. People can be brought together by mutual trust and appreciation, with the knowledge that no one is alone in their joy, sadness, pain or shame.
Any student is welcome to participate. Here's how:
  1. Grab a postcard.
  2. Write your secret on it. It can be something happy, shameful, embarrasing, devastating, painful, or funny; anything, really, as long as you've never told anyone before.
  3. Submit it in one of the envelopes hanging up around the school.
Be brief.  The fewer words, the better.
Be bold. Make your writing large, clear and legible.
HAVE FUN. Your postcard is your canvas. Make it art!