My name is Katherine James and I am a senior at Nelson County High School in Lovingston, Virginia. For my Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School (BRVGS) senior project, I decided to research Irish and old-time music. I have been immersed in these two music traditions all my life and have always been curious about their origins and connections. Throughout the year, I interned with Alex Caton, my mentor and fiddle instructor, and assisted teaching Irish and old-time fiddle classes of various levels. For my community service project, I worked with Teresa Lykins, the music teacher at Rockfish River Elementary School. With her wonderful support, I organized a week of traditional music workshops for the fourth and fifth grade students.

This site is a compilation of my work from the past year and includes my research paper, journal, and an overview of my community service project. It also contains general information about Irish and old-time music, as well as recordings and videos of both styles.

Please enjoy my site and feel free to email me with any comments or questions at