Two for One

posted Mar 17, 2009, 4:32 PM by Unknown user
Hey everyone!  I have two weeks of news to give you today.

Last week I videoconferenced with Mr. Jim Falbo and his class in Morris Illinois - Mr. Falbo is an instructor who has been using Google Apps in his classroom, and he ran across this site in his browsing of the internet.  When I spoke with his class last week, I talked about how I use Google Apps in my BRVGS project, and how I utilize modern tools, like social media, in my company, Produktivity.  After the students left, I was able to continue talking to the Superintendent of Mr. Falbo's school, and I hope to have helped get the ball rolling on Google Apps adoption in that school system.  I will also be making a couple of video guest appearances in Mr. Falbo's upcoming informational sessions for his fellow educators in Illinois.

Finally, I tool the opportunity today to grab Whitney (her project here) and take her over to the Prep Room to look at the BiCology Arabidopsis plants.  The video journal is posted both below and on the home page -

Whitney will also be making several more guest appearences talking about the importance and the observations that the BiCology students make about the Arabidopsis project.