Research Paper Outline

  1. Title: Elementary School ADHD
    1. Subtitle: What are the most effective intervention strategies?
  2. Introduction
    1. What is ADHD

i.      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    1. Mental, physical, or emotional
    2. What problems does it cause
    3. What are options for treatment
    4. Personal Interviews
    5. Thesis

 i.      With all the intervention options available for young people with ADHD, which is the most effective and successful?

  1. Body Paragraph 1
    1. What is ADHD?

  i.      Who has ADHD

1.      Both adults and children

2.      Males/females

   ii.      What are its characteristics

1.      Difficulty paying attention

2.      Difficulty listening

3.      Loses things

4.      Forgets things

5.      Unorganized

6.      Difficulty staying seated

7.      Sometimes interrupts

8.      Sometimes make loud sounds

9.      Talks excessively

 iii.       ADHD History

1.      When was it first discovered

a.       Early 1900s

2.      Who diagnosed it

a.       Dr. Still – British Doctor

b.      Believed it was medical not spiritual

3.      When was it named

a.       Attention Deficit Disorder - 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association

b.      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - 1987

  1. Body Paragraph 2
    1. What causes ADHD?

  i.      Heredity?

  ii.      Brain Structure

  iii.      Chemicals in the Brain

  iv.      Function of areas of the Brain

   v.      Epilepsy Link

  1. Body Paragraph 3
    1. What problems can ADHD cause for students

   i.      No place to learn

  ii.      Hatred of school- skipping school
  iii.      Distraction of other students
  iv.      Difficulty with classmates

 v.      Anxiety disorders

  vi.      Mood disorders

  vii.      Sleep Problems

  viii.      Substance use and abuse

   ix.      Driving

   x.      Family Stress

   xi.      Depression

1.      Emotional Aspects

2.      Physical Aspects

  1. Body Paragraph 4
    1. Diagnosis

                                                             i.      Review of schoolwork and Report cards

                                                            ii.      Psycho educational testing results

                                                          iii.      Achievement test through school

                                                          iv.      Problems with diagnosis

1.      Misdiagnosis

2.      Bipolar, Dyslexic etc.

  1. Body Paragraph 5
    1. What are their learning styles (elementary)

  i.      Large groups require low light

  ii.      Many lacked persistence

  iii.      Could not academically do as well in the morning

  iv.      More motivated my parental support

1.      Boys

a.       More persistent

2.      Girls

a.       More auditory

                                                            v.      Older Students

1.      Low light

2.      Imposed structure instead of choices

3.      Later in the day activities

                                                          vi.      Younger Students

1.      Brighter Lights

2.      Earlier in the day activities


  1. Body Paragraph 6
    1. What options for treatment are available

  i.      Pharmacological

1.      Stimulant drugs

a.       Ritalin

2.      Non stimulant

3.      Amphetamines

4.      Problems

a.       Drug side effects
             i.      Physical
      ii.    Emotional
 ii.      Alternative

1.      Tutoring and Special Education

a.       John Dewey Medicine Free College

b.      Outdoor settings

2.      Self help and self healing

3.      Behavior modification

4.      Diet

a.       Additive free diet

b.      Few foods diet

c.       Sugar restriction diet

5.      Yoga

6.      Massage

  1. Body Paragraph 7
    1. Personal Interviews

  i.      Teacher

  ii.      Administrator

  iii.      School Counselor and/or psychologist

  iv.      Therapist

                                                            v.      Medical Doctor

                                                          vi.      Student

                                                        vii.      Parent

                                                      viii.      Teenager

                                                          ix.      Adult

  1. Body Paragraph
    1. How does ADHD affect us all

  i.      As students

  ii.      As parents

  iii.      As teachers

  1. Suggestions Paragraph
    1. What is the most effective strategy
    2. What are the positive features
    3. What are the negative features
    4. Opinions from Interviews
  2. Conclusion Paragraph
    1. What is ADHD
    2. What problems go along with it
    3. What is the most effective strategy


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