Hi! My name is Kayla Eppard and I am a Senior at William Monroe High School. For my BRVGS project, I studied elementary school ADHD.

I interned at Nathanael Greene Elementary School with a couple groups of 4th grade math intervention.

I worked with two tutoring programs through Nathanael Greene. The first was Hope Tutoring where I and other tutors worked individually with students on classwork. The second was EAGLES where I helped the school's teachers give the students extra review in math and reading.

My thesis question: "What are the most effective intervention strategies for elementary school                                                                                              students with ADHD?"

Why did I choose this topic?

1. I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher. I've worked with kids through other programs but I            wanted a clearer idea of what it would be like.

2. My mother and sister both have ADD/ADHD. My whole life I had struggled with understanding the disorder     and why my mom and sister sometimes act the way they do. I knew this was my chance to better                understand my family.

3. Although I feel I work well with children, I recognized at the beginning of the school year where I was               lacking. Once again, I could not understand why kids with ADHD acted certain ways. I did not know how to     successfully work with kids with ADHD.