Letter of Intent

October 15, 2009




Ms. Holly Newman

254 Monroe Drive
Stanardsville, VA 22973


Dear Ms. Newman:


Subject: Letter of Intent


My name is Kassandra Hoffmeister; I am seventeen years old and a senior at William Monroe High School. I am a member of my school’s cheerleading squad, Beta Club, and National Honors Society. I have done basketball cheerleading since tenth grade and competition cheerleading since eleventh. I am also Vice President for both National Honors Society and Beta Club. I have maintained good grades throughout high school and took many AP and dual enrollment classes, enabling me to be in the top ten of my class. Since seventh grade I have been interested in journalism and I have written for the middle school and high schools newspaper. I am hoping this Senior Internship will help me prepare for my future as I plan on majoring in journalism and becoming a reporter for a newspaper.

          This summer I took the first opportunity I got by trying to contact local publications, like The Hook and The Greene County Record, in search for an internship. I was able to secure my internship with The Greene County Record, under the mentorship of April Taylor. She had me experience different interviewing situations and writing various types of articles. I also took pictures in reference to my articles as another way to capture the reader’s attention. Journalism is a broad topic so I decided I would explore the decline in newspaper readership as a whole, since everything is now based on new technology. I am also focusing on how such a decline could be affecting a smaller newspaper like The Greene County Record. There are many studies on this issue and many newspapers have written articles on it. Also April Taylor and Jeff Poole have both agreed to discuss their own experiences on the matter through The Greene County Record and The Orange Review.

          Since I am focusing on newspaper readership, I think it would be wise to have my community service bring awareness to just how drastic this situation can affect a newspaper. Newspapers are relying on my generation to keep them alive so I think it would only be sensible to bring this awareness to William Monroe students. I still need to work on this idea with Jeff Poole in hope to make a lasting impression on the local newspaper.

          I understand the Academic Ethics explained in the BRVGS Honor Code and so I know not to plagiarize on anything involving my Senior Project. Anything I do in relating to my project will be my own work since I would not want to jeopardize my final year as part of the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School.






Kassandra Hoffmeister