A Student's Perspective of a Congressional Campaign

A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.  - Theodore Roosevelt

Hello! My name is Joe Donahue, and I am a senior at Fluvanna County High School.  For my internship, I was able to work with the 2010 Perriello Campaign.  Although I started off as a mere coffee intern, I moved up to the ranks to acheive the role of Assitant Field Director for the county of Fluvanna.  It was a fantastic experience overall, and it has really helped to spark my interest in the field of politics.
My research dealt with the history of Virginia politics, specifically the rise and fall.  Originally, the Commonwealth stood as the epitome of American government. However, following the Colonial Period, Virginia steadily declined as a national governmental power.  Yet, in recent memory, Virginia has recently regained a bit of its original prowess.
For my community sevice aspect of the project, I worked directly in the impoverished areas of Fluvanna County.  I drove into the areas where citizens had no means to vote, and offered rides to the citizens willing to tag along.  Regardless of political affiliation, if a Fluvanna resident needed a ride to the polls, it was my job to provide them.  It was the single most enriching aspect of my internship.

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