Week of May 2nd

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Week of April 25

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Thomas Farm Smokehouse

Smokehouses were commonly used in the olden days by society to cook their meats. During our farm tour at the Thomas Farm, we got to look into one of these smokehouses. It was really neat to get to smell the wood burning and the fresh smell of the meat cooking. Each of the smokehouses have different types of wood that you can put into them to produce your ideal meat product. We got to learn all about the meat making process and how it has transformed over the years. 

Week of April 18

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The end of my Animal Science Day concluded with a farm tour in Buckingham. The tour was incredible and gave the kids a real life encounter with beef and sheep.

During our farm tour, Mr. Thomas showed the kids as well as adults how to properly sheer a sheep. This is a practice that has to be done by all sheep farmers to make sure that a maximum profit is obtained from the wool. It was interesting to see first hand how to properly use the clippers and ways to make sure that the wool was kept in one piece. We were also allowed to touch the wool after it was shaven off. We discovered that the wool was very oily and thick. This experience was something that even I had never seen before. The tour just ended the Animal Sciecne Day on a great note.

Week of April 11

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The Virginia Tech Block and Bridle Club
A huge thanks goes out the Virginia Tech Block and Bridle Club that helped me with my Animal Science Day. The club president, Chris Duffy was actually present during my event. He is to the right in this image. In addition, 3 other Virginia Tech students attended my event to help give presentations on agriculture. A main focus that they tried to emphasis was the fact that agriculture is so highly judged that we need to educate as many people we can. We also need to make sure that individuals can see the passion we have for agriculture and the animals that we take care of. Once again, my Animal Science Day wouldn't of been possible without them so a huge thank you to the Virginia Tech Block and Bridle Club.

Week of April 4

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Animal Science Day!!!!

Animal Science Day was a huge success. Many families attended this event to learn more about Animal Science and associated careers. I got lots of positive feedback from parents and children. The extension agent from Cumberland area was so excited that there was actually an agriculture event within the county and surrounding areas. He said, "It is just great to see young people working in agriculture and expecially in this location. This is the first time anyone has ever done anything like this." His words just made my day and reassured me that my Animal Science Day had left an impact in the community.


Week of March 28

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At the end of this week, Animal Science day will be in progress. Over the weekend, I got some new that was much needed. A Virginia Tech student from Buckingham emailed me. She said that the Block and Bridle Club would be thrilled to help me with my final presentation. Thank Goodness!!! After receiving that email, I knew that everything was going to be just fine. We corresponded daily to make sure that the students knew exactly what I wanted them to present on. They were very willing to participate in my event in any way possible. They have even asked me to join their club when I go to Virginia Tech. You couldn't ask for a group of better students to help with my Animal Science Day.

Week of March 21

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The countdown is on, only 2 weeks left till my final community service event. I have emailed the Block and Bridle club at Virginia Tech numerous times to see if I could get students to come and help me present in my Animal Science Day. However, I have yet to hear any news about the students coming. I am beginning to get very worried. Hopefully someone will respond soon. If no one responds by next week, my community service mentor is going to contact the professor at Virginia Tech that is in charge of the Block and Bridle Club. I hope that the professor will have some comforting words about students coming to my event.

Week of March 14

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Bad News was received this past week. The original plan to have the Farm Bureau members attend my Animal Science day to talk about farm safety has fell through. The Farm Bureau members had another event that came up at the last minute. I am not going to lie, the though of not having them come was insane. I didn't know what to do cause now my plans had been altered. However, when I went and told my community service mentor the news, she already had a backup plan. We would just add another presentation about careers in agriculutre to the schedule. Even though I freaked out at the thought of my plans being altered, my community service mentor was there to ensure that everything was going to work smoothly.

Week of March 7th

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My Animal Science Day is only a month away:):)!!! I have spend the majority of this week planning out the final details for my community service event. I have had to contact Mr. Thomas, the man who owns the beef and sheep farm that we will be visiting in Buckingham. He seems very excited about the opportunity to educate young children in the community. He is also really thrilled that this event is happening in his county. Hopefully the event will be a huge success. The next weeks will be stressful trying to get everything together, but I can hardly wait for April 1st to come.

Week of February 28

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Due to the fact that my Animal Science Day is fast approaching. I have spent the majority of this week creating my Animal Science Day flyer. This flyer will be used to email to 4-Hers from the areas of Goochland, Powhatan, Hanover, Prince Edward, Cumberland, and Buckingham. In addition, I will display the flyers at local points of interest so that the general public can learn more about my day, as well. In creating my Animal Science Day flyer I had placed everything on the left side of the flyer. However, my mentor advised me that by placing my information at the center of the flyer would be more eye appealing. I found this a very interesting fact that I can take and use whenever making flyers in the future. 

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