Welcome to the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School (BRVGS) Information Site.  You will find information here regarding the area, our member schools, the BRVGS instructional program, policies and procedures, and our staff, Joint Board and Steering Committee.  There is a brief table of contents at the bottom of this page with references for specific information.  In addition, you can review a summary of recommendations for BRVGS from the March 2011 Va. Department of Education program evaluation by clicking here: VaDOE Evaluation Summary.

In addition to the information, we hope to provide you with a sense of "what BRVGS is all about" in terms of our school community, our goals, our role in our member school districts, and especially in of the wide range of learning experiences in which our students take part.  See the slide show below for a visual introduction to the BRVGS program.  

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Board and Steering Committee Minutes - Steering Committee and Joint Board