Project Overview

Welcome to the website for the BRVGS AP Biology second semester project.  This project will focus on bioethics and will involve individual research, analysis, teamwork, use of technology, design skills, and communication, and will involve several steps over the entire semester.  The goals for this project are that each student will:

  • Research and analyze a bioethical issue
  • Write an analytical, conclusive, academic paper suggesting and supporting the assigned side of the issue
  • Work with a team of students to create a group website and a presentation that highlight the strongest pro and con sides of the issue

Project Steps

* Note - some steps may "overlap" - for example, groups will start the brainstorming and website development process before individual Research Papers are due.

1st Step: 

Students will be assigned to a specific bioethical issue
and team, and will meet their teammates at the Kickoff Field Trip.  Click on "Project Topics" to see complete list of topics for the project.  Students will also determine individual responsibilities for the team portion of the project at the Kickoff Field Trip.

Students will also be setting up their group email addresses in order to faciliate communciation among the team over the course of the project.

2nd Step:

Each student will research his or her
bioethical issue on the internet and in print, analyzing sources for academic validity. 

        Note: See "Project Dates" on the Navigation Bar at left for important research

3rd Step:

Each student will write an individual academic paper of 5-7 pages, not counting their "Works Cited" page.  The paper must support their assigned argument (pro or con) for the bioethical issue.  Students must write an outline and a first draft for submission.  Students must submit both their first draft and finished paper through

        Note: See "
Project Dates" on the Navigation Bar at left for important paper

4th Step:

Students will begin to develop their website and presentations according to the roles established in their group contract.  See "Project Dates" on the Navigation Bar at left for important team dates.

5th Step:

Students will provide feedback to their own group and to other project groups on their websites so far. Teachers will also provide feedback to groups.  Groups will revise and improve websites.

6th Step:

Groups will submit their final website and give their final presentation for grading  Grading will be done on both an individual and group basis.

Please check "
Project Dates" and "Grading" in the Navigation Bar at left for more specific information on expectations for the First Semester Project.


Projects will be presented in April.