Episode 10: Fastest way to email a class.

EPISODE 10: Creating mailing groups/labels can be tedious. Here we take a look at the quick method of emailing students via Google Classroom.

Epsiode 9: Contact Groups for Gmail

EPISODE 9: Here we go over the steps of creating a custom mailing group. Generally these groups now known as labels are used for quickly reaching out to a class of students or a group of colleagues.

Episode 8: How to Host Google Meet Video Call

EPISODE 8: Many conference calls are now held over Google Hangouts/Meet. Here we will go over the steps required to start a call and invite participants. Once of the benefits over traditional calling is that you are able to share your laptop screen for all to see.

Episode 7: EoY Google Classroom Cleanup

EPISODE 7: It's that time of year classes are coming to a close and summer is just around the corner. Here we cover some suggested practices in cleaning up your google drive/classroom.

Episode 6: Top Five Must Know GMail Features

EPISODE 6: Aside from mail there are many useful functions within gmail that are great for everyday use. In this episode we cover translate, phone calls, schedule send, auto complete & app shortcuts.

Episode 5: Network Password Reset

EPISODE 5: If you are having trouble accessing your network folder or any other network credential related services this service will let you reset your password on your own. If you are in need of reseting your google password or senior systems password please contact helpdesk@brunswickschool.org

Episode 4: Proofing Comments Made Easy.

EPISODE 4: In this weeks episode we go over the process of setting up Microsoft Remote desktop for proofing comments. Also, for anyone who cannot remember their Active Directory password aka network password here is the link to reset your password (Note: this reset will only work while on Brunswick School WiFi.)

Episode 3: Simple Backup To GDrive

EPISODE 3: Here we go over the drag and drop method of backing up files from your user folder to a newly created folder in Google Drive. There are other methods such as using the "Backup & Sync" app.

Episode 2: How to Free up space on your Mac

EPISODE 2: We have all been there before, your Mac is running out of space. In this episode we use the free utility OmniGroup Disksweeper to scan your file system to give you a better idea of what is taking up all that space.

Episode 1: Embed Youtube Into Powerpoint

EPISODE: 1 Here we go over the process of embedding a youtube video into your PowerPoint presentation. This method is similar on Macs & PCs. Microsoft Office 2016 at a minimum is required for this method to work.