Episode 39: Private WiFi Address


If your device is blocked, tap System Preferences, WiFi, and then the information (i) icon next to WICKNET and turn off Private Address. After rejoining the network, the device will be able to access online content again.

Episode 38: Single Zoom Link


Easy way of setting up a single link in Zoom using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI), and some useful setting tweaks.

Episode 37: Magnus Health AutoFill


Easy way of setting up autofill for your Magnus health app's Username & Passwords Field.

Episode 36: Rubrics in Google Classroom


A neat Google Classroom feature you may not have used earlier is rubrics. When starting an assignment, rubrics can be created for grading and made available to students as feedback. These guidelines can be reused, as well as exported and imported. The rubric will appear for the teacher during the grading process, and helps students reflect on their scores, encouraging habits of self-assessment to address specific areas for improvement.

Episode 35: Do More With Preview


Use Preview to split, combine, rearrange and delete pages with any PDF.

Episode 34: Watch2Gether


Watch2Gether features Synchronized player for video and audio. Talk to your friends in the integrated chat room. Enjoy content from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and SoundCloud. Browse and shop from Amazon. Organize content into playlists.

Episode 33: Google Meet Custom Date Ranges


Here we take a look at setting up custom date ranges for Google Meet.

Episode 32: 1 Zoom Link for all classes


To help faculty schedule their online classes that meet in different slots, multiple times a week, our latest TechByte shows you how to leverage a single link from Zoom (or Meet) for all your classes. It can be set to repeat Monday to Friday during academic hours, and you can email it to all your students and post on your classroom page.

Episode 31: Record Your Lesson


For those looking to flip their class, by uploading a recording of their offline lesson to Google Classroom first, then discussing it later with their scheduled online class, here is a quick how-to TechByte