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 Apps and Websites for this Module

Coordinate Plane App


shodor.org transmographer



Practice plotting points.  The points connect to make different shapes. Perform rigid motions on various shapes. Manipulate the transversal and watch how it affects the angles
Manipulate the sides of a triangle and watch how it affects the angles created 

Apps & Websites
for Improving Basic Skills
Apps & Websites
 for 8th Grade Topics
Apps for Improving Logic and Problem Solving

Math 7

Computations with Negative Numbers


This app has games that require answers to problems involving negative numbers

Negative Numbers – Addition & Subtraction

This app is made up of flash cards involving problems with negative numbers

Math Flash Cards

iPad Screenshot 1

There are versions of this app for addition/subtraction/ multiplication and division.

Download these apps if you need to improve your computations with numbers. You will be amazed how much you can improve with just 10 – 20 minutes of practice each day


Your Teacher.com

This app has video explanations, examples and practice problems 
for all different topics in mathematics


Boss T Maths

This app has examples and explanations of exponents


This website has explanations and examples of all types of math topics

Tap Towers

This app is a game of moving discs in a certain order it's harder than it looks

Calculator HD - Free
if you do not have a scientific calculator on your smartphone
here is a free one for you to download!

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