Tamarac Senior High School

     Regents Chemistry (The Physical Setting)

  2018-2019 Course Syllabus

Mrs. Hilton 



In this course, you will study matter and how it can change.  Throughout the year you will engage in scientific inquiry, conduct experiments, and become chemically literate.  You will develop an understanding of important scientific concepts as you ask questions, develop solutions to problems, and master laboratory skills. 

Overview of topics to be covered:

Matter and Energy

Behavior of Matter

Atomic Structure

Nuclear Reactions

Periodic Table

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Formulas and Equations

Chemical Quantities


Acids and Bases

Kinetics and Equilibrium

Redox Reactions

Organic Compounds

Student goals for the course

1. Students will gain a deep understanding of matter.

2. Students will work independently and with others to develop their understanding of chemistry and the physical setting.

3. Students will actively conduct and complete lab experiments.

4. Students will successfully pass the course and NYS Regents Examination in Chemistry: The Physical Setting.

What will you need?

3 ring binder (1 ½ inch or larger) 

Filler paper (loose-leaf paper)

What to expect?

1-2 lab experiments every week (usually written lab reports will be assigned) 

    -Labs are always due the next time we have lab class –so they are due 2 days after assigned

Graded homework every two weeks 

    -Homework is assigned several days before it is due giving you plenty of time to complete the assignment and ask for help if needed

Announced quiz or test every two weeks

    -A quiz or test is announced at least one week before you will take it giving you plenty of time to properly prepare and ask for help if needed

How will you be graded?

Lab reports-25% 



Late assignments

Sufficient time will be given for the completion of graded homework assignments and lab reports.  You will be allowed to hand in homework assignments no more that 2 days after the due date resulting in a grade reduction of 15% per day.  If you turn in the homework on the same day it was collected/due, this will result in a 15% reduction.  If you turn in the homework the following day after it was collected/due, this results in an additional 15% reduction. Late lab reports will result in a 1 point reduction (out of 20 total points) for each day during the marking period it is overdue.  Keep in mind: All labs must be turned in before the end of the school year in order to take the Regents Exam in June.  

Classroom expectations and procedures

Cell phones are not to be used in the classroom and are expected to be turned off.  There will be a cell phone box at the front of the room where students will be asked to place their phones before the beginning of class.  If a student elects not to place their phone in the box and is caught trying to use it during instruction, the phone will be taken immediately, placed in the box and a disciplinary referral will be issued.

Daily classroom procedures:

Bathroom use→ It is understood this is to be used in emergency situations; only 1 student at a time will be allowed to leave the room.

Discipline and Referrels 

1st offense will be warning.

2nd offense will be “time out” where the student will have to complete a behavior journal.  A call home to a parent/guardian will be made regarding the incident.

3rd offense will be a disciplinary referral.  A call home to a parent/guardian will be made regarding the incident.

Lateness to class→3 unexcused late arrivals to class will result in a disciplinary referral.

Absences→ It is the student’s responsibility to contact me to discuss what they missed during their absence.  If you are sick, you must contact me the day you return to school.  If you know in advance you will not be in class (band lesson, field trip), you are expected to meet with me prior to the absence to make arrangements for missed work.  An excused absence from class does not excuse a student from meeting the same expectations with regards to due dates for assignments.  

Mrs. Hilton’s Contact Information

Phone: 279-4600 voicemail ext. 1444 Email: thilton@brunswickcsd.org

Extra Help

Mrs. Hilton will be available for extra help Period 3 daily.

 After school help is available by advance appointment (at least 24 hours).