Fifth Grade Band

Elementary Lesson Schedule

       Monday Lessons Flutes (7:35-8:10)

  Monday Lessons Oboe/  Flutes (8:13-8:48)

Kendall  Bulson

Beibhinn  Corcoran

Gina  DeRocco

Ella Dickinson

Gianna  Shea


Emme  Fitzgerald

Isabella  Guadagnino

Jaiana  Llanos

Skylar   MacDougal

Molly Ring




       Tuesday Lessons Saxophones  (7:35-8:10)

  Tuesday Lessons Clarinets (8:13-8:48)

Caitlyn Maxfield

Kaitlyn Willett

Cynthia Bevington

Hannah Flanders





Emelia Devine

Hailey Goyette

Kylie Gross

Ethan Ayotte

Nicholas Kiley


Shane Fosmire


Wednesday lessons (7:35-8:10)

Wednesday lessons French Horns  (8:13-8:48)

- Make up lesson/ Remediation


Bridget Gutierrez

Parker Cuppett




      Thursday Lessons Trumpets (7:35-8:10)

 Thursday Lessons Trumpet (8:13-8:48)

John Becker III



Justin Inyeard


Graham Painter


Alicia Burton


Marlene Cerrone


Brock Wilcox

Zapp Evan

Ryan Dolan

Colin Buckley

Devin Fong

Andrew Shufon




      Friday Lessons Percussion (7:35-8:10)

 Friday  Lessons Trombone (8:13-8:48)

Jacob Charette-Bieg

Bailey Fatato

Trevor Finkle

Kaitlyn Cleary


Toby Goodman

Matthew Duncan IV

Adam Quackenbush

Cody Haskins

Elexius Vaughn

Charles LaBatt

Beginning lessons     

1. Click here for flute parts 

2.  Click here for beginning flute 

3. Click here for Hot Cross Buns

4 Click here to produce a sound on clarinet

5. Click here for beginning clarinet lesson

6. Click here to play the clarinet


Current Announcements

Elementary Lesson begin Wednesday,  September 12th, 2018.


The Fifth Grade Band is the a group which meets in small group lessons before the school day for the first third of the year. Lessons meet once a week starting Wednesday, September 12,  2018. 

Students will be learning how to read music, develop tone quality, develop ear training, correct hand position, appropriate playing posture and basic performance skills to assist in the musical development of each individual student.

Students should purchase Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 for their weekly lessons. Additional supplemental materials will be supplied at the lesson.

Welcome Fifth Grade Band Students

                                Interesting Instruments

                        Click Here Bass Flute

                              Click Here Contra Bass Clarinet


If you any questions or concerns please contact me at 

 or call 279-4600 ext. 1421

Band Students should be practicing at least 60 minutes per week outside of the school lesson.  I recommend 10 minutes per day at this stage.  Consistent practice is essential for progress to occur with the students ability to achieve and master their instrument.  I also recommend that the practice session occur at the same time everyday so that practice becomes habit like, reading, exercise or a hobby.