Brittonkill Speech-Language Department

Tamarac Elementary/Middle/High School
3992 NY 2
Troy, NY 12180

Casey Mulligan Walsh, MS, CCC-SLP (ext. 1033)

Michelle Ring, MS, CCC-SLP (ext. 1034)


 What is a Speech or Language Impairment?

                           speech or language impairment means a communication disorder, such as stuttering,
                           impaired articulation, a language impairment or a voice impairment, that adversely affects 
                           a student's  educational performance.

What do school-based Speech-Language Pathologists do?

School-based SLPs provide

      *speech therapy to children with articulation, phonological, oral-  
       motor, fluency (stuttering), or voice disorders that adversely impact
       their education performance

      *oral language therapy to children who display delays or disorders of
       receptive (comprehension) or expressive (use) language, language
       processing, word finding, or phonological awareness

      *therapy for written language weaknesses, including difficulty with
       reading (decoding and/or comprehension), written spelling and
       organization, and other aspects of written language that stem from
       phonological and oral language deficits 

      *therapy for social thinking deficits, which may impact social 
       communication and comprehension of written and auditory

     *therapy for a variety of other low-incidence disorders that can  impact
       communication abilities, including Down syndrome, developmental 
       disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and so on 

How does a child qualify for speech-language therapy?

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech or language development, you can talk to his or her classroom teacher, principal, one of the speech-language pathologists, or another involved educator who knows your child.  Screenings, which serve as sorting tools to determine which children may require a "closer look," can be conducted without written parental permission.  However, if an evaluation is deemed appropriate, no testing will occur until you have given written permission.  

Can children younger than school age receive speech-language therapy?

Yes. Children from birth to school-age who demonstrate disabilities are entitled to free services if they qualify.  If you are a resident of the Brittonkill Central School District and have concerns regarding a child between the ages of birth and 2 year 9 months, contact the Rensselaer County Department of Health in Troy, New York, at 518.270.2654..  If the child in question is between ages 3 and 5, contact the Brittonkill Committee on Special Education office at 518.279.4600, x2702 for further information.

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