The Brunswick High School National Art Honor Society was founded in 2011 by art student Lilly DeCamilla during her senior year at BHS.  Lilly worked with the BHS Administration and chapter sponsor, Mrs. Driscoll, to create a proposal for our chapter.  Goals and Bylaws were approved first then the process for member Induction.  Each year members have a group art show at the Brunswick School Department district office.

* Meetings will be now be held afterschool on Wednesdays - Please check  Morning Announcements and the board outside Room 129 ( please come and help plan ideas for an art work for the halls of BHS!)

Congratulations and Welcome to our new inductees!

* NAHS Members Art show and Reception and Induction Ceremony -
March 26th, 2018 from  6:30 - 7:00 PM at the BSD District Office Meeting Room, Hawthorne School, 46 Federal Street

Students must have earned 1 credit of Visual Art, be currently enrolled in an art class with a 90% or higher grade, have Honor Roll status and teacher recommendations to be eligible to join the society.

  1. Utilize creative activities to fundraise for the Brunswick High School Student Art Scholarship 

  2. Increase art awareness, host art activities and exhibits and participate in arts in service projects in the school and community.

  1. Fundraise for chapter activities, arts in service projects such as the Memory Project and events /arts workshops/ visiting artist or special materials for a creative activity.