Bruno Solutions, LLC

Custom Solutions for Tax Automation
Bruno Solutions, LLC provides implementation services and custom software development to address your global transactional tax automation needs. With over 45 combined years of tax automation experience, our staff has built and operated innovative solutions for the calculation of VAT, Sales and Use, Payroll and Telecommunication taxes.

We also have many years of experience helping our clients implement industry leading tax automation solutions in the retail, manufacturing, quick service, telecommunications, and financial sectors. If you are looking for expert assistance in implementing your tax automation solution, you've come to the right place.

Our special area of focus is on designing and implementing custom software solutions to address specific or unusual business needs. We've done a lot of that work, especially in the retail sector, where extracting rates and rules from a tax calculation system for use by point-of-sale systems is a common need. Is your IT organization already at maximum capacity working on existing projects? Whether you are looking for help building a custom tax automation solution, or you have different kind of project in mind, we can provide additional design, development and management capability to complete your project on time and under budget.

Our Principal, Bruno Malisheski, worked as an  employee of Vertex, Inc. for ten years and as an employee for Sabrix, Inc (now part of Thomson Reuters, Inc.) for three years. Bruno has provided tax automation services to over 50 companies, ranging from giant multinational corporations to small startup firms. During that time Bruno created numerous tax interfaces, led development teams building and maintaining interfaces, and implemented tax automation solutions across the United States and Canada.

In 2007 Bruno founded Bruno Solutions, LLC to bring his brand of software development skills and tax automation services to clients with complex challenges and unique needs. If you're looking for people with a passion for solving technical challenges, whether those challenges lie in the realm of tax automation or not, please contact us. We're happy to discuss your situation with you. Even if it's not something we can help you with, we probably know someone who can.  For more information please contact Bruno Solutions at 857 654 3545, or send us email at:

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