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PROJECT / Freelance - Pregnancy Care Center of Oswego County

posted Jan 28, 2014, 4:31 PM by Bruce Strong
From: Jennifer Vrooman <>
Subject: Potential Project for Student(s)
Date: January 25, 2014 at 2:07:04 PM EST

Good Afternoon,

My name is Jennifer Vrooman and I received your name from Doug Brode. I am on the Board of Directors for the Pregnancy Care Center of Oswego County. I am writing to inquire about a potential film project for a Syracuse University student and hope I have found the right contact names. 
The Pregnancy Care Center of Oswego is a 501c3 non-profit organization which thrives exclusively on donation. It has been in existence for thirty years and is an organization which helps women and families in crisis, especially in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy. Local government-funded organizations such as Oswego County Opportunities, Social Services of Oswego County, and Oswego Hospital all refer clients to us. We exist to help one of the poorest counties in the state. We offer peer-counseling, free pregnancy tests, material needs, and various programs,  including a program called Earn While You Learn (EWYL). This particular program walks women (and men) through several different classes (budgeting, grocery shopping, parenting, college prep, etc.); at the completion of each class, participants earn "mentor bucks" which are then used to "purchase" larger ticket items in our "shop," such as cribs, car seats and extra diapers. Quotes from past clients in reference to this program have been: "We come here to get books, yea, my kid actually likes reading now" and "Now I know what to do when my son throws a tantrum." The theory behind this program is to gently educate families and instill in them a sense of ownership and pride as they meet the needs of their family through education and hard work. This program is so popular that we are booked two weeks in advance and have clients calling us requesting that we call them with any cancellation dates. Also, due to the popularity of this program, we are quickly out-growing our facility and are physically unable to take on more clients, more volunteers and are outsourcing our materials to external storage. Our executive director recently moved her office to a large storage closet so the Center could gain an extra counseling room. 

I tell you all of this because we are at a point of imperative and imminent growth and are looking to move. In order to do so, we must have the funding. In order to gain funding, we'd like to construct a short video (around the 10 minute mark or longer if the student finds it necessary), somewhat as a short documentary commemorating where the Center has been in the past 30 years, where it is now, and where it plans to go. We'd like to include client testimonies, possibly go into some clients' homes (if applicable) when discussing EWYL, and interview/have clips from past/current directors. This video will be used to go to organizations and institutions as a means to further educate the public about our mission and to help us gain support for a move. 

I am reaching out to Syracuse University to see if there might be a student who would be interested in taking on this project as a means of enhancing his/her resume and gaining greater field experience. We have all the field work resources; we are just looking for someone with vision and equipment to create footage and put it all together into an insightful and creative masterpiece. We do have a budget for this project, so if appropriate, there could be compensation for it. While we have certain aspects of the video we'd like to include, we are very open and encourage creative licence for whomever takes on this video.
We'd also like to use this video for our annual fund-raising banquet (numbers are close to 400 attendees), which is on May 15th of this year. So, the deadline for it would be somewhere prior to the 15th of May. Which, the end of the semester is that weekend, correct? So that deadline may work out.  
Whether this is a project in which you think your student(s) would be interested or not, please respond back at your earliest convenience so I am better able to help the Center find someone with talent and vision. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

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